Bearcat Awards

Photo of the Bearcat Games



The Bearcat Award is the highest honor given in the name of Homecoming participation.  This award recognizes student team, registered student organizations, and residence halls that take an active and spirited part in Homecoming Week. The prizes for winning will be:  $250 for first place, $175 second place, $100 third place.  Bearcat Award points are earned through attendance and participation in all activities during the week’s events.

All events require a completed participation form.  Forms are due at the Bearcat Games meeting on October 5, 2018 at TBA in The Lair.  Teams that register after Oct. 5 will not be eligible for prices but may still participate. 

Smaller Registered Student Organizations are encouraged to pair up with another organization to compete in the games.  In this case, any prizes won would be split between the two merged groups.  An exception would be the Homecoming Parade.  Paired groups would need to either register as a paired group or compete individually in the parade (remember there are cash prizes, and we’d like to have additional entries in the parade).  In the event the group splits for the parade (ie. Each group does a float for their own group’s recognition in the parade) they must choose and agree which parade entry will count for the Bearcat Awards competition; however each could still potentially win a cash award for the parade. 

It would be advisable to update your group’s information online.  Use either the renewal or the update form.  A student organization pairing cannot exceed two organizations.

Winners of the event will be posted on this page, and the overall winners will be announced during the Homecoming Football Game.  Awards will be presented to category winners and the overall winner following Homecoming week.

The Bearcat Award events will begin on Monday, October 22, 2018.  


2015 Bearcat Award Winners:  Sigma Sigma Sigma

2014 Bearcat Award Winners:  Student Government Association

2013 Bearcat Award Winners:  Student Government Association

2012 Bearcat Award Winners:  International Student Organization

2011 Bearcat Award Winners: Sigma Sigma Sigma

2010 Bearcat Award Winners:  Alpha Phi Omega

2009 Bearcat Award Winners:  Sigma Nu

2008 Bearcat Award Winners:  Sigma Nu

2007 Bearcat Award Winners:  Kappa Sigma Tau

2006 Bearcat Award Winners:  McKendree University Cheerleaders