Mobile Devices

McKendree now supports a wide-range of mobile devices.  Depending on your role at McKendree, Faculty and Staff will have increased security placed on any phone they wish to connect to the McKendree email server.


Supported Platforms

 iOS          Android          Windows Mobile      

Setting up your phone for McKendree E-Mail


Microsoft ActiveSync is the type of account you will be creating on your device.  It uses different names on many phones.  Some other names the account type might use are:

Microsoft Exchange     Corporate Email     Work Email     Corporate Sync

Adding Your Account


Many phones will allow you to add your account using only your username and password.  Other types of phones require additional information.  This may include:

Email Address - your McK email address  
Username - your McK logon username  
Password - your McK password  
Domain -  
Email Server -

When asked, make sure the 'require SSL encryption' to set up your account.

Employees of McKendree University will be required to create a PIN or Password on their personal devices in order to sync their devices.

Questions About Your Specific Phone


Will *device X* work for ActiveSync? 

There are hundreds of phones released every year, and each model has its own nuances.  It would be impossible to provided step-by-step directions for them all.  Please consult your phone's user manual first for instructions on setting up an account.

I still can not get my phone to work!

If you are still having trouble - please stop by the Department of Information Technology during regular business hours.  We will help you out as best as we can.

My phone is not listed here!  Will it still work?

We are not supporting other devices at this time.  However, if your device supports ActiveSync you can stop by the Department of Information Technology and we may be able to assist you.