Counseling Services

McKendree University Counseling Services offer comprehensive counseling to currently enrolled students free of charge. The counseling services are confidential unless there is risk of harm to the student or community. Sessions are provided by licensed professional clinical staff and sessions are 45 minutes long. Sessions are by appointment only. Call (618) 537-6590 or email the counselors to set up an appointment. There is a $10.00 fee for appointments not cancelled within 24 hours prior. 

513 Stanton

(618) 537-6590

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:00pm

If you need to contact us after regular business hours, please contact your Resident Director/Assistant or public safety at (618) 537-6911


Our Mission

McKendree University Counseling Services strives to provide support and resources to everyone in the campus community. It is our goal to help students navigate an exciting time of growth, exploration and personal development. The counselors assist students to make the most of their college experience. Counseling helps students find balance, clarify their priorities and make the best choices while at McKendree while improving their overall well-being.


When to Seek Help

The following are some of the indicators of when to seek mental health treatment:


      • Sad or depressed for more than 2 weeks

      • Sudden withdrawal from social contact

      • Difficulty concentrating, sitting still, making decisions or completing usual tasks

      • Risk-taking or self-harm behaviors such as cutting, burning, picking at skin or hair

      • Significant changes in weight (gain or loss)

      • Intense anxiety or an overwhelming fear

      • Severe mood swings, drastic changes in behavior, personality or sleep patterns
      • Deterioration in level of alertness, physical appearance or hygiene
      • Demonstrate disorganized, rapid or slurred speech
      • Lack of emotion or perhaps display inappropriate emotion
      • Ongoing or frequent class absences, or missing classwork or assignments
      • Patterns of perfectionism or disproportionate responses to grades/evaluations
      • Significant deterioration in quality of work


McKendree University Counseling Services
(618) 537-6590
Provides individual counseling sessions to McKendree students

Chestnut Health Systems
(618) 877-4420
Provides individual counseling, crisis stabilization services (ask for the crisis unit) and addictions treatment

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
(800) 273-8255
Provides free, 24/7 confidential support, prevention and resources for people in crisis

Crisis Text Line
Text HOME to 741741
Provides free, 24/7 crisis support


Meet the Counselors

Melissa McHenry, MA, MS, LCPC

Assistant Director of Health & Counseling Services
(618) 537-6416

Charles Gregory II, MA, LCPC, LPC

(618) 537-6975