Photo of Christine Gill

Christine Gill '13: The Art of Bowling

By Nick Watt '13

It’s not unusual for a McKendree University student to master both a sport and a major. To create masterpieces in both however, is a rarity. And that is exactly what Christine Gill '13 does. Whether it’s orchestrating falling pins on the lanes or weaving brushstrokes on canvas, Christine is making something special.

Christine came to McKendree as a transfer student her sophomore year and immediately made an impact on the Bearcats women’s bowling team. “When I was a senior in high school all I wanted to do was bowl for a college and win a national title,” she said. “In 2011, I was given that opportunity and there was no better feeling. Being on the lanes and throwing that ball knowing that no one could ever take that moment away from me.”

As Christine looks back on the season it was the team chemistry created during that time which resonates most with her. “The team this year has by far had the best team chemistry out of all my years on the team,” she said. “We are a family. We are willing to help and push each other in order to make the team better.”

On her time as a Bearcat she lists some of her greatest bowling triumphs as her favorite memories, including being part of the NAIA National Championship team in 2011-2012 and winning her first individual title at the Southern Collegiate Classic this season.

As much as her bowling career has taken up much of the mantle for memories; her best experience has come from her art. “The best moment I have experienced was when I was working on one my drawings last year with my professor and it just came together unexpectedly,” said Christine. “It was one of those ‘Wow’ moments. It was a great feeling for something you work so hard on to just finally come together and to create something magnificent.”

Christine deservedly takes great pride in the artistic talent she has developed while at McKendree and is willing to give full credit to the school. “Before studying at McKendree I absolutely hated drawing and painting,” she said. “I only wanted to be a photographer and nothing else. Since being here I have fallen in love with drawing and painting. Those areas are now becoming my expertise.” Christine defines herself as an artist in a much broader sense. “My painting has become less controlled and more free,” she noted. “With my painting I just go for it now, I’m not afraid of making a mistake because it can always be fixed. Also, I have become a very established three-dimensional artist. I work with wood and create very abstract sculptural pieces.”

Art has proved to be an important aspect in Christine’s journey, even calling her first feature in the McKendree University Gallery of Art her greatest achievement. Christine currently has artwork in the All Student Art Show until April 25 and will be one of the featured artists in the Senior Art Show from May 2 through 20. She will be presenting a series of paintings, sculptures, and photography with the aim for the viewer to be drawn in and be a part of it. “I want to leave them wanting to see more,” she said.

Upon graduation Christine plans to take a year off to build her portfolio and apply to graduate school. She is also planning on continuing her bowling career and competing in the Women’s U.S. Open and Championship tournaments this summer.


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