Application Process


Meet with primary research advisor.


Establish clear purpose of research.


Establish anticipated timeline.


Identify sample population, size of population to be sampled and age (if under 18 years). Provide sampling method (random selection, random assigned, convenience, etc.)


Determine whether or not a consent form is needed. (Must be included with IRB Application Form)


Determine whether the research will involve an experiment, if so, what?



Provide Experimental Design as well as instruments to be used.



Qualitative-Ethnography, Phenomenology, Unobtrusive Research and Observer Studies, Participant Observation, Interview Strategies, Archival Strategies.



Quantitative-True Experiment, Quasi-Experimental and Non-Experimental


Complete a review of literature.


Consider whether outside funding is necessary. If you are applying for or receiving any outside funding, additional information may be required to receive IRB approval.


Check with your department and division to see if any additional requirements are necessary for research. In come departments, it may be necessary to gain departmental or divisional approval before forwarding to the Institutional Review Board.


Complete the IRB eForm Checklist and IRB electronic application.


If you have any questions regarding your research, IRB guidelines, please contact members of the IRB.