English Minor

In an increasingly text-based world, the English minor will offer you the opportunity for to improve your written communication, reading comprehension, critical thinking skills and emotional intelligence.  These skills will provide a solid preparation for your prospective career as a writer, editor, lawyer, teacher, public relations worker, advertising or business executive, and more.




Program Highlights

Highlights of the English minor program include:

  • Comprehensive coursework and development of research skills which provide additional preparation for a variety of professional careers

  • LIS (Literary Interest Society), Catalyst (McKendree’s Literary Magazine) and McKRadio (McKendree’s podcast channel) offer social and professional opportunities for English minors. Additionally, Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society, offers a variety of scholarship, publishing and internship opportunities

  • Learning beyond the classroom while attending theatrical performances, readings, and other events to enhance cultural understanding

  • Presenting at conferences or working as a research assistant with faculty members, gaining valuable public speaking and editorial experience



Minor Requirements


  • 18 Credit hours (9 of which must be upper division level courses)

  • Must maintain GPA of 2.25 in courses directly applied to minor

  • Course requirements





An English minor is an excellent companion to many major programs offered at McKendree. The English minor's focus on written communication and critical analysis prepares you for the professional workforce in a variety of career fields:

  • communications specialists

  • librarians

  • grant writers

  • editors

  • lawyers

  • medical professionals

  • business executives
  • public relations specialists
  • teachers
  • writers