Meet the Actives

 Photo of Ashley Rench

Ashley Rench

Major: Management & Marketing

Year: Sophomore

Position: Public Relations

Hometown: Greenville, IL

 Photo of Brandi Billingsley 

Brandi Billingsley

Major: Human Resource Management & Accounting 

Year: Sophomore

Position: Active

Hometown: Goreville, IL

 Photo of Carliann Huelsmann

Carliann Huelsmann

Major:  Psychology

Year: Senior 

Position: Service

Hometown: Highland, IL

 Photo of Cati Cronin

Cati Cronin

Major: Elementary & Special Education

Year: Senior 

Position: Pledge Mistress

Hometown: O'Fallon, IL

 Photo of Corrina Eversgerd

Corrina Eversgerd

Major: Pre-Professional Biology

Year: Junior

Position: Secretary 

Hometown: Cahokia, IL

 Photo of Hailea Hadsall

Hailea Hadsall

Major: Marketing & Sports Management

Year: Junior

Position: President

Hometown: Macomb, IL


Photo of Hannah McCollum

Hannah McCollum

Major: History 

Minor: Religious Studies

Year: Junior

Position: Treasurer 

Hometown: Mt. Olive, IL

 Photo of Holly Kainz

Holly Kainz

Major: Music Education 

Year: Junior 

Position: Active

Hometown: Joliet, IL

 Photo of Jennie Rodgers

Jennie Rodgers 

Major: Social Work

Year: Senior

Position: Fundraising

Hometown: Braceville, IL


 Photo of Lauren Craft

Lauren Craft

Major: History

Year: Senior 

Position: Active

Hometown: Alhambra, IL


 Photo of Logyn Norris

Logyn Norris 

Major: Biopsychology

Year: Junior 

Position: Alumni

Hometown: Roodhouse, IL

 Photo of Macci Rueter

Macci Rueter

Major: Organizational Communication

Year: Junior

Position: Pledge Mistress

Hometown: Effingham, IL

 Photo of Meredith Vincent

Meredith Vincent

Major: Theatre

Year: Freshman

Position: Active

Hometown: Roodhouse, IL

 Photo of Michaela Noblet

Michaela Noblet

Major: Secondary English Education

Year: Sophomore

Position: Social

Hometown: Springfield, IL 

 Photo of Natalie Britton

Natalie Britton

Major: Business Administration

Year: Senior

Position: Historian

Hometown: West Liberty, IL

 Photo of Natalie Correll

Natalie Correll

Major: English

Year: Senior

Position: Vice President

Hometown: Danvers, IL

 Photo of Tyana Williams

Tyana Williams

Major: Psychology

Year: Freshman

Position: Active

Hometown: Ballwin, MO 

 Photo of Leirra Wilson

Leirra Wilson

Major: Health & Wellness 

Year: Junior 

Position: Active

Hometown: Mascoutah, IL

Photo of Abigail Schlueter

Abigail Schlueter

Major: Organizational Communication

Human Resource Management Emphasis

Year: Senior

Position: Active

Hometown: Mascoutah, IL

Photo of Kara Grafton

Kara Grafton

Major: Music Education-Instrumental

Year: Freshman

Position: Active

Hometown: Columbia, IL

Photo of Mikala Burling

Mikala Burling

Major: Marketing

Year: Freshman

Position: Active

Hometown: Crete, IL