CAB Student Director Descriptions and Requirements



  • Must be a full-time, traditional, undergrad student enrolled at McKendree University.
  • Previous experience in Campus Activities Board preferred, but not required.
  • Must be at least second semester freshman status at McKendree University.
  • Must have at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average at time of application.
  • Must maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average during employment.

Must be available for the following events:


Fall 2016 Semester

    • Executive Board Training/Scheduling Retreat - August 14-21, 2016
    • New Student Orientation –August 24-27, 2016
    • Full Staff Training Retreat – August 28-September 2 (tentative)
    • Involvement Fair – August 30, 2016
    • Fall Family Weekend – September 23-25, 2016 (exact events TBA)
    • Homecoming Week – October 9-16, 2016 (exact events TBA)
    • Spring Schedule Preparation – October 23-26, 2016
    • NACA Mid-America Regional Conference – October 27-30 (Covington, KY)**
    • Spring Schedule Finalization Deadline: Dec. 1
  • Spring 2017 Semester
    • CAB Scheduling Meetings (January 12-14, 2017)
    • McKendree Leadership Academy - (February 11, 2017 tentative)
    • NACA National Convention in Baltimore, MD (February 18-22, 2017)**
    • McKendree Idol (March 29, 2017 tentative)
    • Fall Schedule Preparation (April/May)
    • Leadership and Service Awards Banquet (April 9, 2017) tentative
    • Spring Fling (April 14-15, 2017)


*Please note that some dates may change. In that event, sufficient notice will be given.

**All staff will not be required to attend.



All candidates who meet eligibility requirements (2.5 minimum cumulative GPA, full-time student at McKendree, at least second semester freshman status) are required to submit an application and interview for the desired position. It is the candidate’s responsibility to make him/herself available for an interview and submit all material in the application. After review of materials, selected candidates will be offered an individual interview. The individual interview is the final process of the process.



CAB Student Directors are compensated for their work, leadership, and commitment as a staff member.

It is not required that staff members have Federal Work Study. As employees, students will be bound by McKendree student work guidelines and policies as well as those established by the Office of Campus Activities.


CAB Director positions offer students an amazing experience and opportunity to network with a variety of individuals, enhance their leadership skills, and build an incredible resume! Student Director positions may also be taken as internship credit. Please contact the Director of Campus Activities for more information on this option.



    • Student Directors may not hold another major leadership (i.e. president, vice-president, treasurer, etc.) or paid (on/off campus) position on campus during the year in which you are selected to serve, unless it has been discussed with and approved by the Director of Campus Activities. Executive Board positions within the Campus Activities Board require a significant time commitment and are paid positions. This is indeed a job. We want to make sure that all commitments are able to be managed without difficulty. If you have a concern regarding an upcoming position, please seek clarification in your interview or by talking with the Director of Campus Activities.
    • The Student Directors work closely with the Director of Campus Activities, assist with primary coverage at scheduled events, and manage the day to day duties and goals of Campus Activities Board.
    • The Student Director should act as a facilitator, role model, and be dedicated to assisting the other Directors in providing positive leadership to the entire staff. In fulfilling his or her duties, the Student Director should seek to fulfill the mission of the Campus Activities Board and the Office of Campus Activities by cultivating a team-oriented atmosphere and demonstrating commitment to the success of student life at McKendree
    • Student Directors are required to serve a minimum of 5 hours per week in the Campus Activities Office to be scheduled on different days during the week. Additional hours shall be made from assistance with staff events and activities.
    • Student Directors serve on a committee to select new Executive Board members for the next year.
    • Student Directors are expected to maintain a responsible and professional image. Effective communication with the staff, various University offices, student organizations, and community resources is essential. Conduct all business, communication, correspondence, and negotiation in a professional and ethical manner.
    • Student Directors are expected to follow the student conduct guidelines listed in the Student Handbook as well as the member policies and regulations set forth by the Office of Campus Activities. Members are considered representatives of CAB and McKendree University at all times.
    • Successfully balance the time commitment CAB requires with class work and other activities.
    • Maintain reasonable availability via cell phone and email outside of established office hours.
    • Maintain necessary files of all meetings (agendas and minutes, etc)
    • Respond to correspondence via phone, email, etc., in a timely manner
    • Assist with keeping the office clean and in working order
    • Maintain and treat all CAB equipment with care.
    • All other duties as assigned.




The Student Director for Programming is in essence, the voice of the Campus Activities Board and will serve as the official representative on select committees (ie. RSO President’s Forums, Board of Trustees meetings, etc.). The Director for Programming is responsible and accountable for providing leadership in the development of a well-balanced calendar of programs that serve the needs and interests of the McKendree campus community. This position schedules and presides over the weekly meetings of CAB and acts as a liaison with other campus organizations. The Student Director for Programming supervises the program coordinators and is responsible for making sure scheduling deadlines are set and met and appropriate forms have been submitted.

Additional Duties:

  • Attends a majority of CAB events; assists with primary coverage at CAB sponsored events
  • Coordinates the planning and leading of Executive Board trainings and retreats.
  • Maintains a complete record of all CAB Events and Publicity (Annual Binder)
  • Assists with the recruitment and selection of new Executive Board members and Street Crew
  • Assists the Director of Campus Activities with Executive Board evaluations and other CAB-related personnel issues.
  • Makes and maintains space reservations for CAB events.
  • Sets semester/yearly goals for CAB; conducts CAB event assessment and evaluation.
  • Maintains communication with agencies and log of vendors.
  • Oversee revisions and changes to the CAB Operations Manual
  • Encourage new and creative programming ideas by the Program Coordinators
  • Serves as an ex-officio member of all CAB committees.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Director of Campus Activities



The Communications Director supervises the Digital Media Coordinators and Print Media/Graphic Coordinators. The position oversees the marketing and publicity for the Campus Activities Board and CAB events by serving as the main liaison to campus media outlets, including the McKendree Review, McKendree Radio, and the University Communications Office. The Student Director for Communications will conduct research and assessment of the Campus Activities Board and its programs through data analysis, survey design, and focus groups. Creativity, good time management, and planning skills are a must for this position as advertising should be planned from a long-term perspective that allows for adequate advance publicity.

The director is responsible for effectively using the Communications Committee to ensure that CAB and our programs are promoted as completely as possible. Making use of new and innovative ideas including posters, flyers, banners, sidewalk chalk, campus email, social networking websites, etc., are expected.

Additional Duties:

    • Assist with primary coverage at CAB events
    • Assist with and delegate assignments to the Communications Committee
    • Assist with the production of press releases, weekly eSource, and other publications
    • Assists with the recruitment and selection of new Executive Board members and Street Crew.
    • Actively participate in the planning and execution of CAB retreats.
    • Set up a checklist and deadlines schedule to ensure that all promotional efforts are out in time.
    • Researches new methods of promoting the Campus Activities Board and its programs.
    • Conduct an ongoing assessment of the Campus Activities Board, its programs, and determine long range plans.



The Student Director for Promotions and Retention is responsible for assembling and maintaining an active membership of volunteers (Street Crew) to assist with CAB events. In conjunction with the Student Director of Communications, the director will coordinate tabling and flyer posting activities, work with NSO and RHA for outreach to incoming students, and work with Program Coordinators to coordinate volunteers to work events. The Director for Promotions and Retention coordinates the staff enrichment program, which involves scheduling guest speakers and workshops for our staff to assist with leadership skill development, and the Attendance and Incentive Points programs for our staff and volunteers. Additional responsibilities include: Recording general and Executive Board meeting minutes, The Student Director for Promotions and Retention will plan an Alumni event during the academic year and a community service/philanthropy project each semester. Creativity, a welcoming personality, attention to detail, and ability to network with others are necessary skills for this position.