Top Ten List

1)  Career Services Webpage - Career Services invites you to visit our webpage for a wealth of information. The site includes job opportunities; online career assessment tools; a Calendar of Events page; a packet on how to Get Involved; links to various job resource sites on the Internet; sample interview questions; information on majors and graduate schools; and various other resources.

2)  Career Counseling & Testing - Students having difficulty choosing a major or minor field are encouraged to schedule an appointment with Career Services. Students are also encouraged to complete online assessments on our website to further assist with the decision-making process.

3)  Résumé/Cover Letter Assistance - The Career Services staff assists students by checking resumés, cover letters, and other job search related materials for proper grammar, format, and content.

4)  Full-time and Part-time Jobs - Internships and full-time opportunities can be accessed through our webpage by clicking on the “Job Opportunities” link and visiting the College Central Network System, where employers look for candidates for position vacancies with their organization, and will search our online database for resumés. There is also a mentoring component to this system, which will allow you to network with alumni. A list of part-time job opportunities can also be accessed through the “Job Opportunities” link. For information regarding on-campus interviews, please view the Calendar of Events page and visit Career Services to register. Please see Financial Aid for more information regarding Federal Work Study positions.

5)  Graduate School Assistance - Our office can assist students with resumé writing, mock interviews, personal statement reviews, and give you information on the various graduate admission exams that may be required for you to enter graduate school.

6)  Mock Interview Sessions - Career Services offers you the opportunity to participate in these sessions so that you are better prepared for interviews. We also have practice interview question handouts to further prepare you.

7)  Internship Program - Our internship program allows students who have junior and senior standing and meet certain GPA requirements to apply classroom theory and knowledge in a company/organization. Students receive academic credit for the internship program, and must meet with Career Services to begin the process.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

8)  Career Resource Center - This room is located next to our office, and contains books on resumé writing, cover letter writing, interviewing, the job search, and graduate school.

9)  Career Fairs - Career Services sponsors/co-sponsors several career fairs every year. Please go to our Calendar of Events page for more information.

10)  Special Events and Other Services – Career Services sponsors various events each year, such as a Career Conference, Majors Fair, Career & Internship Fair, Career Carnival, class presentations, and drop-in sessions covering a variety of topics. Our office teaches a one credit hour course titled Careers, the Job Search, and Beyond, and encourages juniors and seniors to enroll to become better prepared to find a position after graduation and succeed in living on your own.