Make your gift today!

Make your gift today!

2015 SCG Committee

The Senior Class Gift Committee is made up of graduating seniors who recognize the importance of annual giving and philanthropy at McKendree, and who are willing to serve as the liaison between staff and students. Check out more of what being a committee member is all about and get ready to have fun!

The search for the 2016 Senior Class Gift Committee is underway! If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Haley Thompson at .



Taryn Butler

Taryn Butler, Chairperson

Hometown:  Rochester, NY

Major: International Relations

Why I am Giving: McKendree has done a lot for me since my first year and I think it would be great to give back to the University.

If I could do one thing different it would be: Be more outgoing.  College is a time to experience a lot of fun things before having to join the real world.


Michelle AllenMichelle Allen

Hometown:  St. Louis, MO

Major: Health & Wellness

Why I am Giving: I am giving because McKendree has given me so many opportunities over the last 3 years and doing this is a way for me to express my gratitude.

If I could do one thing different it would be: If I could do one thing different I would make sure I selected the correct major when I first came to college.



 Tegan ClintonTegan Clinton

Hometown:  Downers Grove, IL

Major: Secondary Education - Math

Why I am Giving: Honestly, my journey at McKendree has been one that has changed my life in so many ways.  I will never forget what this school and the people here have done for me.  I want to help out in any way that I can!

Who is your favorite professor and why: Dr. Alewine.  He is so much fun to be around and his classes are enjoyable but still challenging.  I look to him as the type of teacher I want to be!



Kati MeltonKati Melton

Hometown:  Troy, IL

Major: Speech Communications/Public Relations

Why I am Giving: I would like to give to the SCG because I saw how much fun my friends had doing it last year.  I believe that everyone should have the best senior year possible.  It is a fun group to get involved with!

If I could do one thing different it would be: I wouldn't have transferred schools my freshman/sophomore year.  I wish I would have stayed at McKendree my entire college career.


Magoline Middleton

Hometown:  Centralia, IL

Major: Elementary Education

Why I am Giving: I want to help the next generation of Bearcats and contribute to their experience.

If I could do one thing different it would be: I would stop stressing out over every little detail.  I need to "go with the flow" a bit more in my life and stop worrying about the small things.


Caitlin Schlueter Caitlin Schlueter

Hometown:  Aviston, IL

Major: Marketing and Management

Why I am Giving: I am choosing to give to the SCG Campaign because I want to try and give back to McKendree after everything McKendree has given me.  During my time here I have made friends, declared a major, joined numerous groups, gained mentors, and most importantly, I have discovered who I am as an individual and what I hope to accomplish in the future.  Finding yourself is basically the most important thing as a college student.  Having achieved that, I only hope that I can give something in return to McKendree that expresses my gratitude.

If I could do one thing different it would be: If it would have been possible I would have lived on campus my freshman year instead of commuting.  I moved to campus my sophomore year because I was hired as a Resident Assistant and although I don't regret that at all, I do wish I had the experience of living on my own without the other responsibilities of an RA.


Bradley Spotanski

Hometown:  Troy, IL

Major: Accounting, Econ & Finance

Why I am Giving: I am giving to the SCG Campaign to start a routine personally for giving back to McKendree to help it continue to grow and be the best school possible.  I am also giving to set an example for underclassmen to follow in our footsteps.  The more alumni we can get to make a gift to the Annual Fund, the bigger difference we can make.

If I could do one thing different it would be: Get involved in organizations related to my major earlier.


Olivia Vanwey Olivia Vanwey

Hometown:  Sesser, IL

Major: Pre-Professional Biology

Why I am Giving: Simply put...I love my school.

If I could do one thing different it would be: I would have done NSO my sophomore year as well as my junior and senior years.  I loved that experience and I am sad I only got to participate twice.


Any senior interested in joining the committee for the SCG 2016 campaign should contact Haley Thompson, Assistant Director of Annual Giving  at