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Why an Online Degree?

Online programs offer convenience so the working adult has the ability to further his/her education while balancing all that life demands.  Students that participate in an online program are held to the same high standards expected of the McKendree campus students.  An online degree offers you unlimited possibilities.

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Why McKendree?

McKendree University provides outstanding student support services.  Each online student has an advisor that will provide assistance from application through graduation.  Tutoring and writing support services are available to all students.  McKendree University has been serving Southern Illinois and the St. Louis region since 1828.





Why MSN?Why an Online MSN Degree?

The online Master of Science degree in nursing allows the nurse to explore an area of interest including management, education, palliative care, etc. The online MSN provides an advanced education in the area of expertise with the goal of achieving a nursing position in this specific field. 


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The program offers a traditional two-year (five semesters) program or part-time option (ten semesters) for either option after the baccalaureate in nursing degree is completed.





Online MSN Options

The online graduate program in nursing is designed for working nurses who are interested in the masters degree to further careers in:


Nursing Education

Nursing Management/Administration

Palliative Care

Dual MSN/MBA Degree 


Career Opportunities

Nurse Educator (NE)

Nurse Manager (NM)

Palliative Care (PC)


NE- Hospital

NE- Clinic

NE - Community College

NM - Charge Nurse

NM - Unit Director

NM - Director of Nursing

NM - Chief Nurse Executive

PC - Hospice

PC - Home Health

PC - Hospital







Graduation CapApplication Process

Students interested in participating in the online MSN program must submit an online application for admission.  For additional information, please contact 1-800-BEARCAT, ext. 6576.



We feel that practicum experience in your area of experience are imperative to your success as a masters prepared nurse.  You will engage in practicum experiences based on the MSN track that you choose. 

Educator:160 hrs

Manager:150 hrs


Palliative Care:

160 hrs



Tuition for the online Master of Science in Nursing program is $430 per credit hour.  All online courses have a $60 per credit hour fee.  Total cost is $490 per credit hour for the online MSN program.  The only additional fees will be for textbooks, a $79 Certified Criminal Background/Immunization Verification, and a $100 graduation fee.


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Employer Reimbursement


  1. Only the amount that will be paid by the employer can be deferred.  The entire amount will be subject to interest charges until the student's portion is paid.
  2. A letter from the employer stating that the employee is eligible for tuition reimbursement will be required each semester.  Depending upon the employer's tuition reimbursement requirements, a copy of the policy from the company may be sufficient.  This letter should be submitted to the Business Office.
  3. The employer should make McKendree the payee (or at least the co-payee) on the check.
  4. Deferment period will terminate 30 days after the date grades are issued.
  5. The balance will be subject to interest charges if payment is not received within 30 days from the date grades are issued.



Financial Aid

Follow these steps to have your eligibility determined for all financial aid including loans:


  1. Complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at  You will be using the previous year's Federal Income Tax forms.
  2. List McKendree University on the FAFSA.  McKendree's school code is 001722.  ISAC will then send you a letter indicating your eligibility for any State Aid.  You may be eligible for State Aid even though you are not eligible for Federal Aid.  Please file your FAFSA as soon as possible.  State budget limitations at times cause funding shortages.  (The reference to 'State Aid' is implied for only those students residing in Illinois.)
  3. You will receive a SAR (Student Aid Report).
  4. Once the student has registered for classes, McKendree's Office of Financial Aid will review your SAR to determine your eligibility.  There may be additional paperwork to complete at this time.  The Office of Financial Aid will notify you of what is needed.  Once all documentation is received, an award letter will be prepared and sent to you.

To check on the status of your FAFSA you may call:  1-800-433-3243.



Required Course of Study


Core nursing courses required of all online MSN students

NSG 500  Advanced Nursing Research  4 credits

NSG 501  Health Policy and Advocacy  3 credits

NSG 502  Ethical Issues  2 credits

NSG 503  Health Promotion/Disease Prevention  2 credits

NSG 504  Cultural Diversity in Healthcare Populations  3 credits

NSG 505  Professional Role Development  2 credits




Nursing Education Requirements


NSG 606  Advanced Health Assessment Through the Lifespan  3 credits

NSG 617  Advanced Clinical Pathophysiology and Pharmacology  3 credits

NSG 609  Philosophy and Theoretical Foundations for Nursing Education  3 credits

NSG 611  Clinical Practicum  2 credits

NSG 612  Nurse Educator Practicum and Seminar  3 credits

NSG 613  Scholarly Project 2 credits


NSG 614  Thesis  6 credits

NSG 615  Educational Methods and Strategies  3 credits

NSG 616  Assessment and Evaluation in Nursing Education  3 credits



Nursing Management/Administration Requirements


NSG 600  Theories and Principles of Nursing Management  3 credits

NSG 601  Nursing Informatics  3 credits

NSG 602  Human Behavior in Organizations  3 credits

NSG 603  Management of Fiscal Systems  3 credits

NSG 604  Quality and Performance in Organizations 2 credits

NSG 605  Nurse Manager Practicum and Seminar  2 credits

NSG 620  Nurse Manager Clinical Practicum  3 credits

NSG 613  Scholarly Project  2 credits


NSG 614  Thesis  6 credits



Palliative Care Requirements


NSG 606 Advanced Health Assessment Through the Lifespan  3 credits

NSG 613 Scholarly Project  2 credits


NSG 614 Thesis  6 credits

NSG 630 Theories and Principles of Palliative Care  3 credits

NSG 631 Advanced Clinical Pathophysiology in Palliative Care  2 credits

NSG 632 Palliative Care Nursing Clinical Practicum  2 credits

NGS 633 Advanced Pharmacology in Palliative Care  3 credits

NGS 634 Palliative Care Nursing Practicum and Seminar 3 credits

NSG 635 Communication and Listening in Palliative Care  3 credits




NC-SARA Approved

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