Photo of Scott Air Force Base Students

The Center at Scott Air Force Base

The Center at Scott AFB offers students the high quality education and personal attention that are hallmarks of the McKendree experience.

Designed to meet the special needs of the adult learner, the unique, one-month format is ideal for students whose schedules may change frequently. The program offers accelerated courses in four and six week learning formats. Computer Science courses are in an 8 week format.

Students taking classes in the Scott program can continue their daytime job while earning college credit at night. Classes normally meet on week nights from 6 to 9:40 p.m. leaving weekends free. Computer Science courses meet 6 to 8:30.

The four and six week formats appeal to military members and civilian working adults since the student is not required to be in class for a full semester. Thus, if a military member must go on temporary duty or needs some time off, or if a civilian working adult must go on a business trip or attend to personal matters, the Center at Scott format allows the student to get back into a class the very next month.

The one-month courses allow students to take up to 12 courses per year, or they may take fewer courses to accommodate personal and work responsibilities.

Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Accounting

  • Business Administration

  • Management

  • Marketing

Bachelor of Science

  • Computer Information Systems

  • Computer Science

Note: Some computing courses are 8 weeks in length.

Teacher Licensure

A Teacher Licensure Program is offered adjacent to Scott AFB for those desiring to teach at the secondary level and have already completed a Bachelor degree in a variety of areas. These courses are either 8 or 16 weeks in length.

Veterans Benefits

All classes at the Center at Scott AFB have been approved for Veteran’s Education Benefits and military and corporate tuition assistance. McKendree is a member of the Yellow Ribbon Program with the VA.

Affordable Quality

At the Center at Scott, students enjoy value as well as quality. In addition to offering educational opportunities and challenges that lead to unmatched personal and professional growth, the Center at Scott AFB provides:

  • Reduced tuition for undergraduate courses (approximately 61% less than main campus)

  • No extra fees (cost based on credit hours taken)