Online - Marketing

The McKendree University marketing curriculum is based on a customer satisfaction model.  This curriculum is designed to prepare students for careers in marketing that include eventual marketing management responsibilities.

Marketing Major Courses


ACC 205 Principles of Financial Acct.

ACC 230 Principles of Managerial Acct.

BUS 303 Business Law I

BUS 310 Quant Analysis for Bus. Decisions

BUS 410 Management Inform. Systems

BUS 450 Business Strategy and Policy

ECO 211 Principles of Microeconomics

ECO 212 Principles of Macroeconomics

FIN 308 Principles of Business Finance

MGT 204 Principles of Management

MGT 334 Human Resources Management

MKT 205 Principles of Marketing

MKT 305 Consumer Behavior

MKT 310 Marketing Research

MKT 330 Principles of Retailing

MKT 340 International Business

MKT 354 Advertising & Promotion

MKT 424 Bus. Ethics and Social Response.

MTH 310 Statistics



McKendree University requires a minimum of 120 credits for degree completion.  50 of those hours must be at the university level, with 40 of them at the 300 or 400 level and a minimum of 32 hours with McKendree.  Students must fulfill the general education requirements.