Sociology / Criminal Justice / Social Work

Students majoring in sociology develop a greater appreciation for how society influences individual behavior and an understanding of how societies are structured. Majors develop the skills to think more critically about their own lives and the many social issues confronting us in society today.


Major Track

Beyond our general sociology degree, McKendree Sociology offers specialization tracks in criminal justice and social work.  

General Program Track - 4-Year Plan

Geared to students who have more general career plans and for those who plan to attend graduate school in sociology.

Criminal Justice Emphasis - 4-Year Plan

Designed to provide students with a broad knowledge of the mechanics of the agencies that make up the criminal justice system.

Social Work Emphasis - 4-Year Plan

Provides students with a broad overview of the history, agencies, and philosophy of social work.

The sociology major may be selected as a general social science option or secondary and middle school teaching certification option as well.

Program Highlights


You’ll have diverse opportunities to work with a number of local companies and organizations including the Violence Prevention Center, Illinois State Police, O’Fallon Police Department, St. Clair County State Attorney’s Office, and the Grief Center at Family Hospice.

The Sociology Club

The Sociology Club is a social co-curricular organization that promotes a greater of understanding of sociology and social justice.

Alpha Kappa Delta

Alpha Kappa Delta is an international honor society promoting excellence in the field of sociology and the use of sociological knowledge to serve others.

Pi Gamma Mu

Pi Gamma Mu is an international honor society that recognizes good scholarship and promotes excellence by enriching activities, service projects, and guest lectureship grants.


Sociology incorporates a wide range of job opportunities and more specified fields of study, such as criminology, demography, cultural traditions, family relations, gerontology, social welfare, race relations, social status and social change.

Some of the companies that our recent graduates are working for include:

•   Hospice of Southern Illinois

•   Illinois State Police

•   Saint Louis Metropolitan Police Department

•   Trinity Services

•   U.S Marshals of Southern Illinois


Helpful Links

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Meet the Faculty

Neil QuisenberryDr. Neil Quisenberry

Professor of Sociology
Chair, Div. Social Sciences
Carnegie Hall 111B
(618) 537-6849

S.J. Creek

Dr. S.J. Creek

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Carnegie Hall 214
(618) 537-6483

Melissa Barfield-Works

Dr. Melissa Barfield

Associate Professor of Sociology
Carnegie Hall 111A
(618) 537-6899

Stephen Hagan

Dr. Stephen Hagan

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Carnegie Hall 106
(618) 537-6904