Psychology / Sports Psychology

If you truly want to help people and enjoy trying to figure them out, then a psychology major may be perfect for you.  Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. You’ll focus on the development of theories and laws to understand, explain, predict and change behavior. You’ll also gain a greater sense of:

•   Self-awareness

•   An understanding of others

•   Fundamental skills relevant to behavior change.

You’ll obtain the ability to express yourself in oral and written form and to think critically about human behavior, including its causes, development and outcomes.  The psychology major at McKendree University will provide you with a broad overview of psychology and prepare students who plan to attend graduate school or who have general career plans in the field.

Program Highlights



The best thing about the psychology major is the engagement of our outstanding students!  Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and create a dynamic, intellectual, and exciting classroom experience.  


The psychology faculty members are committed to providing you with a high quality academic experience that prepares you for graduate school and careers.  You will have engaging classroom discussions, you will apply your learning to the real-world via internships and service projects, you will have the opportunity to conduct independent research, and you will connect with faculty as they help guide you toward your future.


You’ll have diverse opportunities to work with a number of local companies and organizations such as: Violence Prevention Center, Trinity Services of Mascoutah, Madison County Probation, Chestnut Health, Hope Clinic for Women, Family Physicians of O’Fallon, Kathryn Klee Counseling and the Counseling Associates of Southern Illinois.

Psychology Club

The club is open to all students with an interest in psychology.

Psi Chi

This psychology national honor society encourages academic excellence in advancing the science of psychology.  Psi Chi is involved with different activities including attending an undergraduate research conference each year.  

Pi Gamma Mu

This international honor society recognizes good scholarship and promotes excellence through enriching activities, service projects, publications, guest lectureship grants, and scholarship programs.


You’ll be able to find work in industrial organization, child or adult health psychology, professional counseling within schools or the community, clinical social work, occupational therapy, eldercare, sports psychology, human resources, law, divinity and criminal justice.

Some of the companies that our recent graduates are working for include:

•   Call for Help, Inc.

•   Catholic Charities

•   Chestnut Health Systems

•   Nestle Purina


"The dedication of the psychology department faculty to ensure that students have a well-rounded and extensive education focused on critical thinking and creative applications to real world problems has prepared me for more than just graduate school and starting a career.  The education I received at McKendree University has given me the confidence and the skills to feel prepared for any of the challenges I might face in life."  -Ashley Ebersole (Graduate Student working on a MA in clinical psychology at Eastern Illinois University)



Meet the Faculty

Guy BoysenDr. Guy Boysen

Associate Professor of Psychology
Carnegie Hall 201
(618) 537-6882


(Abnormal Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Honors Introduction to Psychology)

J.L. KempDr. J. L. Kemp

Professor of Psychology
Carnegie Hall 203
(618) 537-6580


(Child and adolescent development, Theories of Personality, Clinical Psychology)


Tami EgglestonDr. Tami Eggleston

Professor of Psychology
Carnegie Hall 202
(618) 537-6859


(Sport psychology,  Social psychology, Human Sexuality)