Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark


English Mission Statement

English majors take a variety of courses in writing, literature, and language- all of which are designed to enhance students skills in oral and written communication. Literature courses help students develop the ability to read and interpret literature critically as well as the ability to appreciate literature and respond to it intellectually, aesthetically, and effectively. The study of literature will help students understand their own cultural heritage as well as the cultural heritage of others. Language and writing courses will enhance students’ sensitivity to and understanding of language as well as improve their skills in written communication: invention, drafting, revising, editing, and polishing.

English is recognized as an excellent pre-professional major in such fields as law, medicine, business, federal service, and publishing. The skills in writing, critical thinking, and analysis learned by the English major provide a solid preparation for the prospective writer, editor, lawyer, teacher, public relations worker, and advertising or business executive.

Major Tracks

Literature Track - 4-Year Plan

Literature/Writing Track - 4-Year Plan

English/Secondary Education Track - 4-Year Plan

Our nationally accredited (by NCTE) English/Secondary Teaching program has produced many successful teachers throughout Illinois and beyond.

Journalism Minor

The journalism minor prepares students  to be proficient and ethical professionals in a wide variety of media and related careers.They learn to write well-developed articles for Internet, newspaper, magazine, and other outlets. Students also learn the editing, revising, and researching skills required of media professionals.

A minor in English or Writing is also offered.