How to Get Involved

Visit the Office of Campus Activities

The Office of Campus Activities serves as a resource center for campus involvement.  Schedule an appointment to assess your interests and needs for involvement, whether joining a campus organization, or if you just want to find out what there is to do around campus.  The office also serves as a resource for current members of Registered Student Organizations, offering leadership resources and information.

Attend the Involvement Fair

Campus Activities Board hosts the Involvement Fair at the beginning of the Fall semester (August date TBA in the Quad).

Contact the President or Membership Chair of the Organization

A good number of our organizations have email addresses specific to their organization, or a contact person is listed on their web page.  You may also find contact information in the list of Registered Student Organizations.

Questions to Ask an Organization's Representative:

    • What is the mission statement of the group?
    • What are the group’s goals for the upcoming semester?
    • How often does the group meet? 
    • When are the meetings and what time are they?
    • How many members does the group have?
    • Are there dues required?  How often, and how much are they?
    • How can this group benefit me in my McKendree education? Beyond McKendree?
    • What challenges has the group faced in the last year?
    • What is one success story the group has from the past year?
    • Generally, how active are members?
    • What leadership opportunities are available in the group?
    • What are the responsibilities of the officers?  What does it take to become an officer?
    • Does the group participate in any community service projects?
    • How much of the group’s time is devoted to fundraising?
    • Does this group have a state or national chapter?
    • Who shall I contact in the future for more information?

It is very important to ask questions.  The answers given will help you to understand the group, its goals, priorities, and where you fit in.