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Team Bogey Contests and Events

There may be special in-game contests where you must be present at the game to receive your prize.  Prizes will range from gift cards, Bearcat Gear, and a few mystery gifts!   Check your McKendree Email Account often!

Team Bogey Traditions

1.  The incoming class will present the game ball at the first home football game or the Fall Family Weekend game.  Make sure you wear your NSO class shirt!

2.  Stick around after the game (football and basketball) and sing the school fight song with the team and the band.  We do it win or lose!

3.  Get crazy! Have fun at the game, but do it with respect for the opponent.

4.  Learn the cheers.  The game is so much more fun if we are all on the same page.

McKendree Fight Song "Our McKendree"

The McKendree fight song is played during games, and our football team sings the fight song after their game, win or lose.  The words to the song are listed below. Download the mp3.

Hail to thee our dear old McKendree;

May we always loyal be.

It's a song of praise we raise to thee

Alma Mater, Dear Old M.C.

May we ever hold the true and wise and right;

Honor Purple and the White.

And for victory we'll

Always FIGHT

'Til we win for old M.C.K.

Bearcat Football ChallengeThe Bearcat Football Challenge

The Bearcat Football Challenge gives you the opportunity to make predictions for the current week's McKendree football game. The Contest will be played for the entire football season. 

The Rules: The Bearcat Football Challenge web address is only available to the McKendree University campus community using the McKendree University email system. Make your predictions for the current weekend's game along with 2 tiebreaker questions and win a cool prize! The contest will begin each week by email on Wednesdays. Only correct answers will earn the specified points. Each question will have a point value assigned to it. Tie-breakers will be based on the first correct tiebreaker answer, then the second. All answers must be submitted no later than 5pm the Friday before gameday. All entries received after 5pm will be deleted. Check campus email on Tuesday to see how you did. Play the Bearcat Football Challenge for your chance to win cool prizes, and to see how much you know about Bearcat Football!

Team Bogey Tailgate Party and Bearcat Super Fan Contest

Come to the CAB/Team Bogey tailgate party before the football game.  Enjoy a number of free food items!

Are you a Bearcat Super Fan?  Do you bleed purple and white, or at least wear it once in a while?  We want the wildest, craziest and most painted up Bearcat fans out there.  You may win a gift certificate for supporting our Bearcats.

The Hot Hand Hoops Halftime Shot

• This contest is for McKendree students.

• McKendree University athletes are not eligible for this contest. NCAA regulations prohibit participation for cash prizes per the Amateur Status Rule.

• A Contestant is chosen to complete several shots within a specific time period. They must make: a lay up, free throw, three point shot, and a half court shot. Prizes are awarded with each completed shot

• Contestant will not be permitted any practice or warm up shots.

• Drawing for contestant will be held at the 6 minute mark of the 1st half. Contestant must be present and sitting in the student section (behind the visiting team’s bench), so we can easily find you. The winning contestant will be announced over the PA system.

• By participating in this promotion, selected contestants agree to abide by the rules set forth by Campus Activities Board and Team Bogey, and hold harmless the McKendree Board of Trustees, McKendree, Campus Activities Board, Team Bogey, their agents and/or representatives of any of these bodies, and all other concerned parties of any of these groups.

• Contestants grant further permission to Campus Activities Board/Team Bogey to be photographed, without further compensation, understanding that is intended for publication or promotional purposes in print media, newspaper, television, video, motion picture, or web site on the Internet. Contestants additionally consent to the use of their name and/or interview comments in connection with the publication or promotional purposes in print media, newspaper, television, video, motion picture, or web site on the Internet.