Fight Song


Team Bogey Traditions

1.  The incoming class will present the game ball at the first home football game.  Make sure you wear your NSO class shirt!

2.  Get crazy! Have fun at the game, but do it with respect for the opponent.

3.  Learn the cheers.  The game is so much more fun if we are all on the same page.

McKendree Fight Song "Our McKendree"

The McKendree fight song is played during games, and our football team sings the fight song after their game, win or lose.  The words to the song are listed below. Download the mp3.

Hail to thee our dear old McKendree;

May we always loyal be.

It's a song of praise we raise to thee

Alma Mater, Dear Old M.C.

May we ever hold the true and wise and right;

Honor Purple and the White.

And for victory we'll

Always FIGHT

'Til we win for old M.C.K.