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Team Bogey's official Cheer Database. This collection may exhibit and promote crass behavior and should be treated accordingly. If you are the overly sensitive type, then this might not be the best place to be reading from. But...If you are wild and need wild phrases to sling at the opposing team and the officials,  then by all means feel free to commit these quotables to heart.

For the successful cheer, please check out the Notation Key below.

* Asterisk means clap or stomp

** Two asterisks means double clap

# Pound symbol means to stomp

, Comma means a slight pause

l-e-t-t-e-r Dashes between letters means to spell it out

word - word Dashes between words or syllables means to pause



(US) Kickoff Cheer:  Everyone Stands and claps before the kickoff.  On the whistle to set the ball in play, everyone yells...

"Aaaaaaahhh...." and on the kick...



Push Em Back

Push 'em back

Push 'em back

Waaay Back!


Dee-Fense, Dee-Fense



**, ***


Here We Go Bearcats

Here We Go Bearcats,

Here We Go **


Go, Go, Go Bearcats, Go!


McKendree Bearcats xx Let’s go!


M-C-K Yell It! Let’s Go Bearcats!


C’mon Crowd Yell M-C-K M-C-K!


W-I-N Fight to win!


B-E A-R C-A-T-S! xxx


C-A-T-S Come on Cats Let’s Go!


Bearcat Beat

Hey Crowd … Get on your feet Help us out with the Bearcat Beat XX X slap, slap XX X X slap, slap XX


  Let’s Go Cats! xx




O-F xx F-E xx N-S-E Offense!


Go! Go! Come on Cats Let’s Go!


Offense, Cat’s let’s go!


Score xx 6 points more xxx


S-C-0-R-E Score Bearcats Score x!


Touchdown Bearcats We want six!


1st and ten Push hard to win!


D-E xx F-E xx N-S-E Defense!


Defense, Cat’s let’s go!


D D Defense Hold ‘em Defense!


Defense, Defense Hold ‘em defense Hold that line!


Hit ‘em again Hit ‘em again Defense hit ‘em hard!


A-T-T-A-C-K Attack ‘em Big D!


Attack, Attack Sack that quarterback!


Sack that quarterback Crash through that line!


Defense Defense xx Let’s go!