Today, Alpha Delta Gamma holds these Five Basic Principles in high regard: Scholastic, School Spirit, Service, Spiritual, and Social. Each Chapter tries their best to complete many aspects of the Five S's during the course of the school year. Most importantly, Alpha Delta Gamma still remembers the true reason why its Founding Fathers started talking that pivotal day in 1924, and this reason is TRUE BROTHERHOOD.

One will not find a closer fraternity of friends and Brothers around the country than Alpha Delta Gamma. In this national organization, one is known by his face and his name, not a number. Due to this, a man can make a name for himself in this fraternity while making close friends with members from all around the country.     

Such uniqueness evolves from being an Alpha Delt. It warrants a question: how genuine would it be to meet another Alpha Delt in this world compared to meeting on of tens-of-thousands of another organization? It makes one wonder why gentlemen would choose otherwise.


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