PBL in the Real World

First of all, thank you for your decision to join or consider membership into the McKendree PBL chapter.  This is a privilege and a great opportunity.  You are doing more than being a member of a college organization; you will be running a business (although not for profit, it is still a business).  You are fortunate you have a solid foundation to build upon.  We want to share with you how wonderful this opportunity is.  Think about how this single opportunity can lead to so many experiences that can be shared during a job interview. Here are some examples.

Human Resources Management

•   Recruiting new employees (members)

•   Employee Professional Development (CMAP)

•   Employee Performance (tracking participation and assigning points for meeting attendance, committee work, etc)

Financial Management

•   Tracking revenue (dues, money from fund raisers, etc)

•   Tracking expenses (materials for fund raisers, money for conferences, etc.)


•   Growing the business i.e. getting new members (flyers, one on one conversations, visiting classes, etc)

•   Advertising (McK PBL web site, etc)


•   Planning (plan fund raisers, Fall Seminar Series, monthly meetings, etc)

•   Management (running the fund raisers, monthly meetings, Fall Seminar Series, etc)

•   Leadership (your officer positions, CMAP activities, etc)

We hope each of you takes your role seriously. McKendree PBL can be a great asset to the University and the community and a stepping stone to a bright future for you.