CAB Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What does CAB Stand for?

A: Campus Activities Board


Q: What does CAB do?

A: The Campus Activities Board plans and executes a number of events that appeal to the McKendree University community. Events may range from traditional, annual events like Fall Family Weekend, Homecoming Week, and Spring Fling to musicians, comedians, and speakers, etc. There’s always something to do at McKendree, and we’re a big part of it!


Q: Where is the Campus Activities Office located?

A: The Campus Activities Director’s Office and Student Office are located below the bookstore in The Lair.


Q: When is the office open?

A: Generally the office is open from 8:00am until 5:00pm Monday-Friday. CAB Executive Board members are scheduled for in-office times throughout the week.


Q: Does it cost anything to join CAB?

A: It does not cost any money to join CAB.


Q: What is the time commitment for CAB?

A: We have varying levels of commitment to CAB. As a general member (Street Crew), you help out as your schedule permits. Street Crew members assist with the promotion, set up, and tear down of events. The Executive Board positions (Directors and Coordinators) are paid leadership positions that require more of a time commitment.


Q: How can I be a CABbie?

A: We have a quick info form on our Join the Staff page. You’re welcome to attend meetings before you complete the form. We may even feed you! Street Crew help out in the various stages of the event planning process – from brainstorming ideas to actually implementing them. Experience isn’t necessary, we just ask that you be interested in helping provide fellow students with awesome programs.


At the end of each semester, recruitment begins. Descriptions and applications are found on the Join the Staff page. Recruitment may also occur if there are vacancies.


Q: By the way… What’s a CABbie?

A: CABbies are the students who participate in CAB.


Q: When does CAB meet?

A: Currently, we meet as a full staff on Mondays at 4pm in PAC 220. Committees may schedule an alternate day to meet and discuss upcoming events.


Q: I have class/practice during this time. Can I still be on Street Crew and be involved?

A: Absolutely! If you cannot make a meeting, stop by the office and one of our staff will be happy to get you the information you need.


Q: How does CAB Choose events?

A: This is done in a few ways: we ask our students what types of events they like, our staff may attend conferences to view performers, etc., and we brainstorm as a staff. Generally, we choose our fall semester events in the spring and our spring semester events in the fall, so we typically plan things a semester ahead.


Q: How does being in CAB benefit me?

A: Being a part of CAB as a Street Crew member or as an Executive Board member helps build many skills like leadership, time management, accountability, planning, decision making, and budgeting. As mentioned previously, we have an incentive program in place for our volunteer Street Crew staff, which rewards them for attendance and service to our staff. Executive Board members receive work study or a stipend for their efforts. Overall, there is a satisfaction in knowing that through your participation, you are creating memories not only for yourself, but for many other people on our campus!