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Affording Study Abroad

Students tell us overwhelmingly that their first concern when thinking about studying abroad is "How can I afford it?" McKendree University is committed to making study abroad an affordable opportunity for our students; therefore, most of a student's aid package will transfer to cover the cost of their semester abroad. 

Support that applies to a semester abroad includes:

•   Academic Scholarships

•   Federal Student Loans

•   Grants


Support that does not apply to cover a semester abroad includes:

•   Athletic Scholarships

•   Band or other Performance based Scholarships

•   Tuition remission/assistance


Some students may also be candidates for a wide variety of scholarships and grants that are specific for those who wish to study or teach abroad.  These varied opportunities provide not only the financial resources to study abroad, but also significant honors.  We strongly encourage every student going abroad to consider applying.

Additional Study Abroad Scholarship/grant opportunities include:

•  The Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship

•  Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grant

  Boren Award for International Study


You can also visit and Study Abroad Funding web pages for listings of a wide variety of scholarship opportunities specifically designed to encourage international study.

Any student interested in any of the above listed scholarships or grants should contact:

Photo of Dr. Martha PattersonDr. Martha Patterson

Professor of English &
Coordinator of Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships
Phone (618) 537-6881
Fax (618) 537-6862

Web Resources for Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships