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Academic Excellence Celebration


Honor Society Inductions



These presenters are proud to share their scholarly and creative work. Working individually or collaboratively, they demonstrate their ability to apply, analyze, and synthesize knowledge gained from classes, majors, or graduate programs.


8:30 - 9:45

Location: Holman Library



Sponsor: Dr. Guy Boysen


Stigma and Help-Seeking Behavior in Student Athletes

Peyton R. Gonzales


Perceived Stress and Course Design

Caleb Kickham


Depression in Athletes During Recovery from Injury and Illness

Brynne Luebbers


Affordance Management Theory and Variations in Perceived Mental Illness Threat

Brynne E. Luebbers, Philipp Schmidt, Mia M. Wylie


Teaching-Related Moral Injury Among College Teachers

Brynne E. Luebbers, Philipp Schmidt, Mia M. Wylie


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Relationships 

Gwendolyn Southerd




Sponsor: Dr. Ann Collins


We Need the Electoral College-Here’s Why

Patrick Cramer


Cracking the Ceiling: Why the United States Has Not Elected a Female President

Natalia Kralova


The International Economy: Does the President’s Party Make a Difference?

Katie Spotanski


A Tortured History: The Role of the President in Interrogation Policy

Gracie Vincent


Presidential Privilege: How Much Does the Public Need to Know?

Jordan Wathen




Sponsor: Dr. Stephen Hagan


Community and Urban Life: Urban Planning Issues 

Jacob Aharrah, Hope Beckman, Audrey Cain, Anissa Ferrer, Keely Gruenenfelder, Kathleen Kenny, Josephine Klein, Heaven Lawrence, Emma Mcllhargie, Joseph Niesman, Samantha Reich, Maxwell Trotter


Sport and Race, Class, Gender, and Sex: Intersectionality in the Sociology of Sport

Jacob Aharrah, Joylene Bills, Jespyn Bishop, Keely Gruenenfelder, Kathleen Kenny, Jeremy Kinealy, Heaven Lawrence, Emma Mcllhargie, Samantha Reich, Jordon Spence, Lainy Stienstra




Sponsor: Dr. Dawn Hankins


Rotator Cuff Injuries in Collegiate Swimmers

Davante Carey


Lower Extremity Injury Prevention Methods in Professional Soccer Players

Logan Kvien


Telehealth Services in Athletic Training for High Schools 1A-3A

Jorge Rodriguez


Mental Health of Retiring Collegiate Athletes

Skyler Sieber




Sponsor: Dr. Shelly Lemons


Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women: A Silent Crisis Throughout History

Emily Baack


Toxic Masculinity in Media and the Mirror of Misogyny

Austin A. Herrera


The Founding Mothers

Anna Leitner


Origins of College Women’s Basketball

Dustin Olmstead


Finding Harmony in Diversity: Biracial Children Navigating their Identity

Dan’Nesha Smith


Building a Narrative: Recognizing How Lesbians Have Created Their Own Spaces in American History and Society

Alexandria Terveer




Sponsor: Dr. Mostafa Mostafa


AWS Cloud Security with Web App

Charlie Vorhees


Security + Certification

Breezian Wilson




Sponsor: Dr. Jenny Mueller


Catalyst Literature and Art Magazine

Elizabeth Bocock, Scarlett Catanzaro, Keely Davis, Jasmine Gage, Jake Kingsley, Madison Rohn, Hailey Rose, Taylor Turner, Kaitlyn Williams




Sponsor: Dr. Martha Patterson


Reclaiming the Mind, Body, and Soul in African American Literature

Elizabeth Collins, Enairys Diaz, Landree Erwin, Tatiyana Fridge, Sonia Halabi, McKenna Hickey, Emma Leitner, Giada Macchiaverna, Myles McGee, Alondra Moreno, William Peck, Daria Sokova, Hannah Watson 




Sponsor: Dr. Jean Sampson


The How of Happiness

Sam Amponsah, Alex Kent, Milos Vicentic


The Happiness Equation

Ben Anderson, Zachary Pocos, Trevor Voyda


The Integrity Advantage: How Integrity Boosts Business Morale

Nick Blagojevic, Joe McCormick, Evan Yasitis


Important Lessons From The Habit Blueprint

Luci Blomme, Sophia Mirabella, Donovan Rogers


Questions You Need to Ask in Your Twenties

Kyle Elmore, Brice Sarginson 


Things We Learned from Ten Secrets to Success After Graduation

James Dowling, Maria Salomao


The Lessons of Man’s Search For Meaning

Ryan Haynes, Chase Thomas




Sponsor: Dr. Robyn Swink


Pharmaceutical Advertising

Jacob Aharrah


The Social Construction of Correctional Center Programs

Hope Beckmann


Advocating for Better Maternal Healthcare: A Focus on Incarcerated Women and Doulas

Chasity Cosby


Climate Change

Aspen Duggar


The Criminal Justice System and Police Representation

Lauren Fischer


Gun Reform

Jasmin Guzman


Mental Health in Student Athletes

Lexi Helms


Suicide Rates and Mental Health Issues Among College Athletes

Kathleen Kenny


Institutional Mental Health

Annaston Reitz


Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Rebecca Sinnatamby


Is the Fear of Immigration Rational?

Michael Tindall


Police Brutality

Brandon Wilson




Sponsor: Dr. Robb VanPutte


The Effects of Herbicides on Soil Antimicrobial Activity

Grace Bauchman