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AEC Posters

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Academic Excellence Celebration


Honor Society Inductions



These presenters are proud to share their scholarly and creative work. Working individually or collaboratively, they demonstrate their ability to apply, analyze, and synthesize knowledge gained from classes, majors, or graduate programs.


8:30 - 9:45

Location: Holman Library



#1 Joseph Costanzo

Sponsors: Beth Allan, Dr. Vincent Dunlap

This poster explains the appropriate times to seek help from a medical professional versus when that help is misused. Additional information is provided about health services and what medicine, labs, and procedures can be done or given there.




#2 Peyton Osgood, Colby Price, Aliyah Rollins

Sponsor: Dr. Guy Boysen

The current research demonstrates that people stereotypically associate schizophrenia with threats to self- and child-protection goals but perceive schizophrenia as irrelevant to other goals such as mate-seeking and affiliation.




#3 Breanna Sampo

Sponsor: Dr. Guy Boysen

This poster outlines our research including the introduction, methods, results, and discussion on motivated reasoning and the influence it has on faculty interpretations of research on gender bias in student evaluations.




#4 Devin Acoff, Arthur Mcalpine

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

This poster is about the infamous Black activist Stokely Carmichael and his impact on the Black Power movement.




#5 Jacob Allen

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

This poster goes over the lives and challenges of Black cowboys in the late reconstruction and post-reconstruction era. It will contain an analysis of real-life Black cowboys, their jobs as cattle hands or in rodeos, anbenefitedd what discriminations they faced. Its purpose is to bring to light the stories of African Americans trying to find new job opportunities after emancipation.




#6 Kalina Anderson

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

This poster puts an emphasis on the history of Black females in firefighting: who the first Black female firefighter was and the growth in the profession since then.




#7 Brianna Bochantin

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

The poster is about how Black women started in healthcare.




#8 Rayshun Buckner

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

The poster describes the hardships and the life of Fred Hampton.




#9 Kealoha Charles

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

The poster shows the power of Black women in R&B and Neo-Soul. The poster outlines their lives and how they used their fame to benefit the Black community.




# 10 Keely Davis

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

This poster discusses Emmett Till and the movement that came along with his death. Pictures, reactions, and the story are shared along with what followed after his funeral.




#11 Michael Ford, Jasmine Segovia

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

This poster showcases the many ways that both African American men and women have styled their hair throughout the centuries. This will include products they have used and why hair is so significant to the African American community.




#12 Peyton Gonzales

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

The poster shows a handful of African Americans who have had an impact and influence on mental health and psychology.




#13 Amiyah Hart, Kayla Marano

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

This poster displays the wrongdoing and violence that was targeted towards African Americans in the 1920s. The poster shows how successful and educated African Americans were and how other races were upset with it.




#14 Nehemiah Hicks, Kenneth Scarbrough III

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

This poster shows the racial problems our country has been having since it was first discovered. The poster does this by highlighting the East Saint Louis Race Riots.




#15 Hunter Howell, Connor Thomason

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

This poster focuses on the Tuskegee Airmen, the first Black pilots who fought in the war. They were originally from Champaign County in Illinois. They were stationed at the airfield in Rantoul. They were asked to leave because of their race.




#16 Alexander Huber

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

This poster outlines three major Black artists and their importance in shaping the art industry as a whole.




#17 Josh Hugger, Donovan Vincent

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

The poster highlights the accomplishments of Langston Hughes and how he was a pioneer who helped lay the foundation for many more talented Black artists to come.




#18 Ian Kuehl

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

This poster discusses the all-Black regiment, the 54th Massachusetts. The poster contains information on the regiment, how it was erected, and the significance of the regiment and African Americans in the Civil War.




#19 Taryn McClusky

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

This poster shows how student sit-ins happened and how they made an impact. Pictures and background information are provided.




#20 Katom Parnell

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

This poster looks at three famous African American women who helped with the Freedom 7. It also looks at how their success has propelled future African American women in the field of space and to see the great strides they have made.




#21 Darrwin Perkins II, Corey Pottard Jr.

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

This poster discusses the negative relationship between the media and the Black Panther Party as they were and are still portrayed as militant terrorist groups and not organizations that implemented many of the social programs we still see today.




#22 Alex Pinkston

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

This poster shows the importance of the hip-hop movement and how the Black community has from rap and hip-hop music.




#23 Jake Pisoni, Luke Pisoni

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

Buffalo soldiers were African American soldiers who mainly served on the Western frontier following the American Civil War. In 1866, six all-Black cavalry and infantry regiments were created after Congress passed the Army Organization Act. Their main tasks were to help control the Native Americans of the Plains, capture cattle rustlers and thieves, and protect settlers, stagecoaches, wagon trains and railroad crews along the Western front.




#24 Donovan Rogers, Marriyon Rogers

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

The Harlem Hellfighters were a unit in the army that spent more time fighting than any other American unit, only to return home to racism.




# 25 Kristen Rogers

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

This poster outlines how and why the Divine Nine were created, their traditions and public rituals, the important public figures to emerge from them, and their chapters active at McKendree University.




#26 Hayley Schnefke

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

This poster is about some of the very influential Black women who paved the way in politics in the United States.




#27 Dan’Nesha Smith

Sponsor: Dr. Lauren Thompson

This poster focuses on Black excellence, Black feminists, and more importantly Black power; moreover, it explores what a women’s role and / or part played in the movement that is still known in today’s world.




#28 Lorenzo Del Biondo, Christian Blandina, Viola Cipriani, Nanase Ebisu

Sponsor: Dr. Jean Sampson

Do you feel like you are entering adulthood and you do not know how to start managing your money? The book Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School? will help you getting started with 100 financial tips. 




#29 Cooper Dibiase, John Hoybach, Aidan Scott

Sponsor: Dr. Jean Sampson

This poster reviews the teachings of the book Indispensable: How to Succeed at Your First Job and Beyond by Meredith Callahan.




#30 Claire Diercks, Lukus Hensler, Claire Mullins

Sponsor: Dr. Jean Sampson

This poster outlines the main points and the significance of Paul Angone’s 101 Secrets for Your Twenties. This book and poster help to point out the secrets to surviving your twenties.




#31 Tyler Fleeman, Joey Schrage

Sponsor: Dr. Jean Sampson

Avoid selling yourself on bad ideas and making quick decisions when time is short. Our poster presentation will share the ideas we learned from reading the book Better Decisions.




#32 Caleb Fisher, Daniel Nomerstad, Ryan Ripplinger

Sponsor: Dr. Jean Sampson

This poster goes into detail about some important steps we believe are crucial in becoming an adult.




#33 Charles Fraser-Allen, Ethan Larson, Caleb Law, Jay Mitch

Sponsor: Dr. Jean Sampson

The poster outlines the key components of the book Unstoppable.




#34 Darwinn Perkins II, Antione Watson, Dominic Watson

Sponsor: Dr. Jean Sampson

This poster outlines some struggles that the average person may go through as they progress through life. It will also go over how hard work and discipline can help you overcome anything.




#35 Allison Carnell, Felicity Crowell, Alivia Garcia, Amber Gillam, Julianne McGee, Haley Moody, Kirstin Rood, Taylor Roth, Hannah White

Sponsor: Dr. Jenny Mueller

This poster presents undergraduate literary and artistic works published in Catalyst. Copies of the newly-printed magazine will be available for students.