Photo of McKendree's Class of 2016

McKendree Today: Meet the Class of 2016

Photo of ConvocationMost of them were born in the year O.J. Simpson fled L.A. in a white Bronco, Lisa Marie Presley married Michael Jackson, and figure skater Nancy Kerrigan got bashed in the kneecap. They are the Class of 2016, who arrived on campus in August with their e-readers, smart phones, tablets and iPods from cities, small towns and suburbia in 18 states and every hemisphere. While 79 percent of the 305 first-year students call Illinois their home, others are citizens of Canada, Tajikistan, Ghana, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Like their predecessors, these undergraduates are academic achievers, with an average high school GPA of 3.5.

More than half graduated in the top third of their high school graduating class; 76 percent received an academic scholarship. Fourteen percent continue a McKendree family legacy through a parent, grandparent or sibling.

Nine out of ten first-year students - as well as nearly half of the 135 transfer students from community colleges and other four-year institutions - are living on campus this year.

“McKendree University has always been my top choice and I am confident I will receive a quality education here. This will be essential when I seek admission to law school and
Christin Austinpursue my career as an attorney. Not only is McKendree a good fit for me, but I am a good fit for McKendree. With leadership skills, a drive to succeed, and a friendly personality, I strive to always radiate a positive energy that will motivate others as well.”

Christin Austin '16, a first-year political science and economics major from Wayne City, Ill.; Student Government Association Senator, Debate Team, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Student Ambassador, Student Tele- Counselor, Emerging Leaders Program

“I am especially fond of the family-oriented
atmosphere. I have ample opportunities to meet with my professors during my journey to academic improvement. One thing I learned from my high school experience is to get involved. In order to do that, I will do my best to be anRhoda Warneroutstanding student, participate in all I can, and show my McKendree pride at all times. I pray and hope that the faith I hold in McKendree, is returned by McKendree having great faith in me.”

Rhoda Warner '16
a first-year psychology and religion major from Springfield, Ill.; Student Government Association Senator, Center for Public Service, Black Student Organization, ALPHA, Campus Ministries Core Team, Resident Hall Association, Student Ambassador