How to Network as a McKendree Student

Male Student at a Career Fair
Listen up, Bearcats! With a new semester ahead, there are new opportunities to start making connections and forming your networks. You may be wondering, what is networking? Networking provides a foundation for your future career and life after college by simply making a connection with someone who shares a similar passion or aspirational profession. While you’re at McKendree, there are many ways and resources to use to start building your personal and professional platforms. Here are a few ways and strategies to begin networking as a Bearcat:

Be Ready

First things first, be ready for any opportunity that could arise from interviews, events, and even during class! Get ready by creating an organized system where you can store and easily access any information you gather as well as handing out yours. Keep an updated resume and/or business card on hand to readily share your information whenever an opportunity may present itself. By being prepared and organized, you will make a lasting impression!

Put Yourself Out There

We know it can be scary to put yourself out there and step outside your comfort zone, but having confidence is key! Initiate a conversation with a student or professor and discuss something that captured your interest. One conversation is all it takes to build a firm foundation for a network. Having connections with those you encounter along the way could open many doors and possibilities in your future.

Get Involved at McKendree

One of the best ways to network is to get in on the McKendree action! As a Bearcat, there are many ways to get involved, from joining a club, picking up an extracurricular activity, or participating in one of our many sports. There are many student organizations and involvement opportunities that you can become a part of to make your mark!

Students Talking to Employment Recruiters
Go to Career Services

Career Services, located in Clark Hall, is by far one of the best and most helpful resources to guide you along the way as you begin networking. Career Services provides students with training activities, programs and services, ranging from building a resume to securing internships. Stop by today and plan to succeed!

Attend Events

Throughout the semester, there are many events you can attend that can branch out your networks for your future. One of the most beneficial events to attend are career fairs. In fact, there is one coming up on Wednesday, February 15, 2023, at the Hett from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm! Employers will be seeking potential candidates for open and/or future positions at their companies and sharing their information so be sure to come prepared with yours.

Now that you know a few ways and strategies on how you can network as a McKendree student, be ready and brave like Bogey! All it takes is to put yourself out there, get involved on campus and in the surrounding community. We believe in you, Bearcats, and know your future will be bright!