Course Reserves

The types of reserve services available are Traditional Reserves (print and other formats) and Textbook Center checkouts.  Come to the library circulation desk to checkout any reserve materials.

Traditional Reserves

Instructors can put library materials including reference books, DVDs and personal copies of their books on reserve to make library resources more accessible to their specific classes. Please submit requests as early as possible to avoid delays, especially since we receive most of the reserve requests in the first week of classes.


You can use the eform or ask for the form at the circulation desk to be submitted along with the materials to be put on reserve. If you have any questions, please contact Jen Funk, Public Services Librarian, via e-mail at or call (618) 537-6515.



If your instructor has put materials on reserve, it would mean that you and your classmates will have access to these materials for shorter loan periods without the need for you to buy the book.

Textbook Center


Student Services provides some copies of textbooks used by many general education courses.  These materials are all for in-library use only and have 2 hour checkouts.


If you have any questions regarding Reserves Services, please email or call (618) 537-6950.