Wireless Printing


 Where can I print wirelessly?


Wireless Printing is only supported from the "McKendree" wireless network.


 How do I print wirelessly?


1 - Open your browser and go to print.mckendree.edu

Step 1 Image

2 - Log in using your McKendree username and password

Step 2 Image

3 - Click "Submit a Job" to get started

Step 3 Image

4 - Select your printer, and then click the button you see here

Step 4 Image

5 -Select how many copies you want, the click the button seen here

Step 5 Image

6 - Click on "choose file" to select the document to be printed

Step 6 Image

7 - Click "Upload and Complete" and you will be presented with your print status

Step 7 Image


 Where are the wireless printers?


  • Holman Library - B&W with Duplex

  • Piper Academic Center - B&W with Duplex

  • Piper Academic Center - Color

 What about double-sided printing?


There will be several printers that have the same name as a standard black and white printer but also say "Duplex" at the end.  This will allow double-sided printing with each side costing 0.5 print credits.  Use this to save your credits!