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What is the difference between "McKendree" and "McK Guest"?

The "McKendree" wireless network is available for McKendree students and employees to use. McKendree visitors who do not have the McKendree credentials needed to sign into the "McKendree" network may instead use the "McK Guest" network. Visitors and guests may receive a temporary code from IT which may be used to connect to the 'McK Guest" network.

Having trouble connecting your device?

Carefully read the directions for your selected device. If you are still having issues stop by Information Technology in Piper Academic Center. We will try to get your device connected as quickly as possible.

Connect Your Game Console

Game consoles may connect to the "Gaming" wireless network in all of the residence halls on campus as well as McKendree West buildings 1215, 1219, and 1221. In all other McKendree West buildings, you may connect your console(s) to the "McKWest [Console]" network. However, in order to use either the "Gaming" or "McKWest [Console]" networks, you must first register your console.

Learn how to find your MAC Address and register your game console.