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Academic Records

If you are experiencing any issues or have questions concerning advisement, class schedules, grades, pre-registration, transcripts, or registration please contact the Office of Academic Records.

 Academic Records:

(618) 537-6819 or 1-800-BEARCAT ext. 6819 


Business Office

If you have questions concerning the Financial Information menu please contact the Business Office.

Student Accounts Receivable:

(618) 537-6868 or 1-800-BEARCAT ext. 6868 

(618) 537-6547 or 1-800-BEARCAT ext. 6547

Accounts Payable:

(618) 537-6804 or 1-800-BEARCAT ext. 6804

Payroll & Benefits Office:

(618) 537-6414 or 1-800-BEARCAT ext. 6414

(618) 537-6455 or 1-800-BEARCAT ext. 6455


Human Resources

If you have any questions about the Employee Profile menu please contact Human Resources.

Human Resources:

(618) 537-6533 or 1-800-BEARCAT ext. 6533


Financial Aid

If you have any questions about the Financial Aid menu please contact Financial Aid.

Financial Aid: 

(618) 537-6828 or 1-800-BEARCAT ext. 6828 


Information Technology

If you need assistance with your username or password click here or contact McKendree HelpDesk at helpdesk@mckendree.edu.

Information Technology:

(618) 537-6445  or 1-800-BEARCAT ext. 6445


McKendree Online

If you are a McKendree Online student you can contact McKendree Online at inquiry@mckendree.edu or 1-800-BEARCAT.