Printing Policies

All students will be given 500 pages each fall, 500 pages each spring, and 500 pages each summer semester for lab printing. If additional printing is needed, pages can be purchased from the business office located in Wildy Hall. These additional pages can be purchased in increments of $1, $5, and $10 at a cost of $.05 per page. For a list of common questions regarding this program, please view the information below.


How do I track my printing usage?

Each time you print from a lab computer you will receive a message counting down your number of printed pages. With your McKendree username and password you can also log on to from any McKendree lab computer and review your printing account information, balance, and credit your account with additional purchased pages.


How do I purchase additional prints?

Visit the business office located in Wildy Hall. Print cards for additional pages can be purchased in denominations of $1, $5, and $10 at $.05 per page. Your purchased card will contain a one time number that can be entered at any McKendree lab computer to credit your account balance.


How do I print for a registered student organization or club?

Members of student groups can always print from their personal account for small print jobs. Groups may also wish to collaborate and utilize other group members' unused pages. For print jobs larger than 25 pages, it is recommended that the student organization use the print shop in Eisenmayer building.


Do my unused pages rollover to the next semester?

No, unused pages will not rollover to another semester. At the beginning of each semester the printing allowance will be set back to the default of 500 pages for fall, 500 pages for spring, and 500 pages for summer. If you have purchased additional pages, however, any unused purchased pages will roll into the next semester.