HelpDesk Support

What is the Help Desk?

The I.T. HelpDesk provides students, faculty and staff at McKendree University with a centralized point of contact for free technical support services. Whether the problem is email, your ID, account, or another technical question, the I.T. HelpDesk is here with support and troubleshooting, and expert consulting for advanced questions.


Those who work at the Help Desk are always there to great you with a smile and are ready to assist you with any questions or issues that you may have. Consulting with the I.T. HelpDesk via phone, email, or the walk-in services is available at no cost to students, faculty and staff.



During posted working hours, the HelpDesk staff are available to answer questions by telephone, email, or on a walk-in basis. We provide limited support for personally owned employee and student computers at walk-in service only.  The amount of time given to each laptop is based off of other demand for our services and severity of the issue.


Common issues/questions that we provide support for:


  • Support for departmentally and personally owned computers via phone and email
  • Students, faculty, and staff that are having issues with their account (i.e. password reset, locked out of account, etc.)
  • Referrals to expert applications consultants specializing in statistical, mathematical, database management, Web publishing, or desktop software applications
  • Referrals to expert systems consultants specializing in Windows, Macintosh, Linux, or desktop and networking systems
  • Help installing programs onto computers and laptops
  • Virus removal from computers and laptops
  • Issues with projectors

If you have any tech questions, give us a holler.  We can help coach or direct you on resolving many common computer problems, including backing up data, securing your computer, and updating your operating system and applications.