Account Management

New Students

Authorized User Agreement


Start out by accepting the "AUA." This will begin the account creation process.


Change Network Password


The password must meet the minimum requirements. Check them out here.


Current Students and Employees


Change Network Password


Make sure you change your password to something different than the default password and that it meets the minimum requirements. Check out the requirements here.

After changing your network password, you will need to change your password on all of your devices (phone, laptop, tablet, etc). Please forget McKendree wireless networks, and then reconnect using your new password.  Do not forget to delete saved passwords from browsers on each device as well.

If you have set up your McKendree email account on your devices, the login information must be changed. After navigating to the device's email account settings, delete the old password and replace it with the new password that you created.



What is my Username and Email Address?

Following is an example of the user account schema for faculty/staff and students using the name "John A. Doe" as an example:



Username: jadoe (first initial, middle initial, last name)

Email Address:



Username: jdXXXXXXX (first initial, last initial, student ID)

Email Address:

(XX stands for the last two digits of registration year)