Photo of Kappa Sigma Tau (KET) Sorority Members

Academic Success

Photo ofGreek AcademicsOur fraternities and sororities value their educational experience and set high standards for their members to reach their fullest potential in the classroom. Each chapter sets their own GPA standards, and mandatory study hours.

There are different opportunities provided to connect with brothers or sisters who are within the same majors to support and encourage academic achievement. They create study groups within their chapters, or hold nights where they study as a whole in the library.

To be eligible to receive a bid for membership, a student must maintain a minimum GPA of a 2.5. Each chapter can set their academic standard higher for members to continue membership. Depending on semester GPA of a member, chapters may require set study hours to help a member raise their GPA.

In addition to the individual GPA requirements, each chapter needs to maintain an average 2.5 GPA to maintain their Registered Student Organization status. The GPAs are calculated each semester, and support is given to groups or individuals who are struggling.

For more information regarding chapter specific grade point averages, please click here.