Campus Recruiting

Career Services encourages employers to recruit our students on campus throughout the academic year for internships and full-time positions. Dates/times are flexible based on your hiring needs. In order to conduct campus interviews, positions must offer at least a base salary/hourly rate. We prefer that all campus interviews be scheduled prior to the beginning of each semester for marketing purposes.

Employers will post job descriptions and qualifications through Career Services.  Qualified students then register for interviews and submit their resume.  Please contact us at if you would like guidance on registering for this service. 

Employers are welcome to reserve space in Piper Academic Center for an Information Table when available. Requests must be made through Career Services at We request that Information Table requests are submitted prior to the beginning of each semester so we are able to market the dates to our students. Requests will not be granted if positions are located in an individual’s residence or if an hourly wage/salary is not given. Due to space constraints, employers are limited to one day per semester for table reservations.