COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Confirmed Cases

Confirmed Cases 

The McKendree COVID Response Team will provide updates on confirmed COVID-19 positive cases on the McKendree campuses (both IL and KY). This reporting will include the number of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases, as well as active cases in isolation, recovered cases, and a running total of positive cases since Aug. 16, 2020. The Kentucky campus currently has no reported positive cases.


0 = Active Positive Cases (Reported on May 11, 2022)

Denotes the number of COVID-19 positive cases that are active and the patient is in isolation.

Spring 2021 Cases on Lebanon Campus

New Active
Recovered Total
0 0 142 142

Fall 2021 = 40 total cases from Aug. 1-Dec. 14, 2021

Spring 2021 = 67 total cases from Jan. 1-May 14, 2021

Summer/Fall 2020 = 197 total cases from Jul. 20-Dec. 31, 2020

New: Denotes total on-campus COVID-19 positive cases from May 4-10, 2022.

Active: Denotes the number of COVID-19 positive cases that are active and the patient is in isolation.

Recovered: Denotes the number of COVID-19 positive cases reported since January 1, 2022 that have recovered and ended their isolation.

Total: Denotes a running total of COVID-19 positive cases reported since January 1, 2022 (includes overall cases on campus and those who have recovered and are no longer in isolation).

Confirmed positive COVID-19 cases will include McKendree University faculty, staff and students who have reported positive test results for COVID-19 and who may have been present on campus during the time of their infection. These figures include both self-reported cases and positive test results confirmed by a public health agency. Thus, we depend on members of the McKendree campus communities in Illinois and Kentucky to proactively notify McKendree Health Services, and then to comply with the guidance provided. The weekly report does not contain positive cases among University community members who are working or studying remotely and are not known to have been on campus while infectious.  



Campus Vaccination Rates

as of 2/9/22

Overall vaccination rates include faculty, staff and students who have provided proof of full vaccination status and does not include those who are exclusively working from home or completing coursework fully online. Percentages will be updated weekly and include new employees and students.

Faculty/Staff Rate                 Student Rate

85%                                         98%



McKendree University Surveillance Tests Provided – Spring Semester 2021

The testing data reported below includes all rapid antigen and PCR tests conducted through Campus Health Services. PCR tests conducted by the Illinois Department of Public Health and St. Clair County Health Department, through mobile testing events hosted on campus and focused on the greater Lebanon community, are also included. Non-campus tests are not included in the totals below.

Time Frame

On-Campus Testing

Jan. 1-31


Feb. 1-16


Feb. 17-28


Mar. 1-15


Mar. 16-31


Apr. 1-15


Apr. 16-30




Campus Reporting and Quarantine/Isolation Protocol

If you experience any symptoms of COVID-19 or are unvaccinated and have been exposed to someone who has tested positive, contact Health Services at 618-537-6503 or email during regular office hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 8:30am-4:30pm; Wednesday and Friday, 8:30am-2:00pm. Unvaccinated individuals should quarantine for 14 days in order to prevent the spread of the virus that can occur before individuals know they are positive or have symptoms. If you are a residential student and have additional questions during the evenings or weekends, contact the Residence Life staff member on duty (Baker, Barnett, and Walton Halls call 618-975-4388; Residence Hall East/West, Hunter St. Apts., and The Suites call 618-304-6366; and McK West Apartments call 618-975-4386). They will reach out to Health Services as needed and provide you with the Quarantine and Isolation Guide for ordering food and other needs. If you are a commuter student, you should contact your medical provider or Health Services and self-quarantine according to CDC and IDPH guidelines.

If you have a positive COVID-19 test result, you should immediately contact Health Services at 618-537-6503 or email during regular hours. After hours, please email Isolation spaces are set aside for on-campus residential students who cannot return home to isolate. Off-campus students, faculty and staff, who are sick or infected, should separate from others in the residence by staying in a specific “sick room” and using a separate bathroom, if possible. Individuals who test positive may return to campus after a minimum 10-day isolation period and when symptom free for 24 hours without medical intervention.