Testing Policy

McKendree University is a selective university committed to the evaluation of the whole person and recognizes that standardized testing is not always an accurate measurement of a student’s true ability.  A student’s true GPA and desire to succeed in a challenging academic environment has consistently been the best predictor of academic success at McKendree.  For this reason, submission of ACT or SAT scores is not required for admission purposes for most students.  Admission decisions are based on rigor of curriculum, recommendations, proven leadership skills, community involvement, work experience, engagement with the University through campus visits, and the capacity to contribute to the campus community.



Who is required to submit test scores?

The following applicants must submit test scores:


  • International & Home Schooled students must submit college entrance exams results and/or appropriate English Language tests.

  • Students seeking admission to the Honor’s Program.

  • Test scores may be required for some scholarships.


Should I submit my test scores?

SAT/ACT scores are optional, and as an applicant, you can decide if you want to submit your scores as a part of your application to McKendree University.  If you feel that your SAT or ACT scores are an accurate reflection of your academic abilities, you are welcome to submit them for consideration.

The mid-range ACT score of admitted students is 22-28 and the average ACT score is 25.  The mid-range SAT score (SAT CR+M) of admitted students is 980-1240; the average SAT score is 1110.  If your scores fall within this range, including them with your application could help during the application review process.



Ready to apply?

If you’ve decided its time to start your application, here are your next steps:

1. Submit the application for admission.

2. Send all offical transcripts.

3. Consider sending at least one letter of recommendation.

4. An on campus interview is strongly recommended along with the following college preparatory curriculum:

4 years of English

2 years of mathematics (Algebra 1 and higher)

2 years of natural/physical science (at least 1 unit of lab science is preferred)

2 additional years of Math or Natural/Physical Science

2 years of Social Science

4 years of additional coursework from any area listed above, foreign language, philosophy, or religion