Transfer Credit

McKendree University gives careful consideration to your previous coursework and will transfer in as many credits as possible.

A student transferring to McKendree who has received an Associates or Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution is considered to have met all general education requirements, provided the degree is not considered vocational. Students who have met the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) general education core curriculum (GECC) will also be considered to have met all general education requirements. For students who have completed a vocational program or hold no prior degree, the courses are individually evaluated to determine which are transferable and what requirements have been met.

A student services specialist can provide you with an unofficial evaluation at your request. Official evaluations are completed once you have been admitted to McKendree University. Transcripts will be evaluated by the Office of Academic Records and the Division Chair of the department. Please note the following:

  • Only courses with a letter grade of 'C' or better may be accepted in transfer. Pass/fail courses will not be accepted.

  • At least 120 credit hours are required for graduation, 30 of which must be from McKendree and a minimum of 30 upper level credits.

  • Up to 90 credit hours may be accepted in transfer from a regionally accredited institution.

  • Proficiencies earned at other institutions are not accepted.