Student Testimonials

Photo of Ricky Johnson
Ricky Johnson

After serving over 20 years in the Air Force, I needed to reinvent myself. I was skeptical about going back to school. The environment at McKendree was more than inviting and friendly. McKendree’s staff gave me the attention that I needed. The teachers wanted me to know more than memorizing the course material. They wanted me to know how to apply it to real world situation. The passion the teachers have motivates me to do my best. I can’t express how much the staff and instructors want me to succeed in my studies. They have given me every opportunity to succeed and no excuse to fail. Being at McKendree is absolutely an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Ivan Ortiz

Photo of Ivan OrtizI have truly enjoyed my McKendree experience. To begin with, the outstanding McKendree staff at Scott Air Force Base was very professional, dedicated, and instrumental at helping me transition back to college after retiring from a military career. Additionally, the wonderful academic staff, superb facilities and IT equipment made my learning experience very enjoyable and rewarding. Furthermore, with McKendree's accelerated course schedule, I have been able to maintain a full-time school schedule, focusing on one course at a time, along with keeping the pace of working full-time job for the U.S. Government. The approach of completing one course at a time gave me the opportunity to invest the much-needed dedication and attention for each class, which impacted my ability to consistently attain the highest grades I possibly can, resulting in earning 2 trips to the Dean's Academic List. McKendree is making it possible for me to look forward to a bright future.