Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Students who pursue the Computer Science degree have supplementary requirements in both mathematics and physics in addition to the study of programming for mathematics and science applications. Students pursuing this degree would likely seek employment opportunities writing programs for scientific models, operations research, actuarial science, or computer operating systems for industry, education, and government.

Core Requirements

English I and II                         


Music, Art, or Fine Arts                             


Science (3 hrs. lab or non-lab)                            

Computer Science (software)                     

Philosophy or Religion                               


Health & Wellness                                                      


Cross Culture                                             

Choose 9 hours from 3 of these 4 disciplines:

Psychology, Sociology, Economics, or Political Science

Major Requirements

Calculus I

Calculus II        


Mathematics of Computing

Technical Writing

Introduction to Computing I & II (C++)

Computer Organization & Architecture

Data Structures and Algorithms

Analysis of Algorithms

The Structure of Operating Systems

Software Engineering

Computer Networking and Communications

Compiler Design

Senior Seminar in Computing & Information Science

Social, Legal and Ethical Issues of Computing

Database Management Systems  

Computer Graphics and User Interface Design

General Electives (as needed)