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Most School of Education programs require the use of LiveText, as McKendree University is required by our accreditors to collect assessment data. Please review this page for essential LiveText information.


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How to access LiveText

LiveText can be accessed through the "MyMcK" link in the upper right of McKendree's website or by navigating to in your web browser.


Setting up your LiveText account

Students - Students can purchase a LiveText account at the McKendree bookstore or at Make sure that you include your student ID number and select "McKendree University" as your school during registration.

Instructors - Instructors and Field Experience Supervisors, please send an email requesting the creation of an account to The email should include your name, title, and McKendree ID number.

Cooperating Teachers - Cooperating Teachers will be sent LiveText instructions each term as part of their materials from the School of Education.



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LiveText account issues

Please reference the Quick Info > LiveText Account Issues? section on the right side of this page should you experience issues with your LiveText account (e.g. lost password, account expiration). While McKendree University helps to facilitate LiveText account creation, the accounts are "owned" by the individual.


Help with LiveText

Everything one needs to know about using LiveText software can be found in the LiveText Help Center. Note: Resources for McKendree-specific use of LiveText can be found below.

LiveText Help Center (external link, hosted by LiveText)


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McKendree-specific LiveText Resources

While the LiveText Help Center is effective for learning how to use LiveText, the resources below communicate the McKendree-specific LiveText processes.



For Everyone

McKendree LiveText FAQ

Viewing Past and Future Terms in LiveText

Update Your Account Information



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How to Submit a Document to Your Instructor

Adding Standards to Your Personal Set

Field Experience Procedures




Field Experience Procedures

Course Syllabus: Create a Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus: How to Create a Syllabus from an Existing Syllabus

Course Syllabus: How to Upload to Your Courses

How to Review Items Submitted for Review

Assessments: How to Complete Using Course Assignment Method



Field Experience/Cooperating Teachers

Please refer to handouts issued at the beginning of the term. These should contain the information needed to complete assessments.