Gavel and Handcuffs

Sociology/Criminal Justice

We understand the challenge of choosing the perfect career. Whether you’ve known you wanted to be a lawyer since the 5th grade or aren’t even sure where to start, our Sociology/Criminal Justice degree program is broad enough to prepare you for a career in any number of desired fields. From law to social service to law enforcement, you’ll gain expert guidance from professors who take the time to get to know you.

Undecided on a Career? We’ve Got You Covered.

“McKendree’s Sociology/Criminal Justice program caters to students who are undecided about their career path,” said Dr. Neil Quisenberry, Professor of Sociology. “Once they start, we work with them individually to narrow it down, whatever their interest is. You don’t have to come in knowing exactly what you want to do yet.”

Many of our Sociology/Criminal Justice students go on to become lawyers, police and probation officers, children and family service counselors, drug enforcement officials, and agents for the FBI or US Marshalls. No matter what area strikes your interest, you’ll gain the knowledge and experience to land a job in your perfect career field.

Countless Internships on Local, State, and Federal Levels

McKendree has built a history of strong relationships with area police departments, law offices, and social service facilities that seek out our students in particular for internships and jobs. From city law enforcement to the Illinois State Police to the US Marshalls, our students have gained real world experience as interns on local, state, and federal levels. In addition to helping solidify which career you want to pursue, internships can also lead to job offers.

Our Sociology/Criminal Justice professors know where to go for internships, and they share those opportunities with students based on their specific interests. Local police departments also call our faculty when they need student volunteers for simulations or tests, such as attempting liquor buys under 21 or taking part while SWAT officers practice clearing a building. Each of these experiences give McKendree students unique connections to professional organizations and roles that help guide their future.

Personalized Guidance from Professors Who Know You and Care About Your Success

McKendree’s Sociology/Criminal Justice program offers small class sizes and caring, experienced faculty who tailor your university experience to ensure your needs are met. If you’re interested in studying abroad or you’re a military service member who is deployed, our professors work one-on-one with you to make sure you earn your degree on time. “We can accommodate students so much easier than a larger school,” said Dr. Quisenberry. “I know my students by name and what they want to do. We know what classes and internships they need to get where they want to go, and we pass along those opportunities. That kind of thing doesn’t stop when they graduate.”

A Word from Our Alums

Keith Jackson ’06 is an Accident Reconstructionist with the Collinsville Police Department and Co-founder of the Metro East Crash Assistance Team. He is in charge of investigating fatal and serious car accidents in Madison, St. Clair, and Monroe Counties. “I loved my time at McKendree,” Keith said. “It prepared me for my job using analytical and research skills. As a student, I interned with the Illinois State Police and St. Louis County Police and was invited to attend the Police Academy in St. Louis as a direct result of my internship. My advice is to keep an open mind on where McKendree’s Sociology/Criminal Justice program leads you and take advantage of the great internship program.”

Sheree Davis ’10 is the Assistant Attorney General with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. “McKendree allowed me to meet so many people and have access to many resources that helped me prep for my law school experience and ultimately my legal career,” she said. “Two of my professors in my program at McKendree still support all of my endeavors and I love them very dearly. They check in on me and are always eager to speak on my behalf. They taught me the importance of having a strong support system and having people in your life that really want to see you thrive. They helped me gain access to experiences and resources that have forever altered my life.”