Learning at McKendree: Brenda Boudreau, Ph.D.

Dr. Brenda Boudreau is a literary scholar with a strong research background in film, television and popular culture. In 2014 she spent the spring semester researching and analyzing women in contemporary cable television series and completed a prospectus for a book project, Third Wave Feminism Comes of Age: Cable Television’s Challenge to Postfeminism.

She also finished final revisions on an essay, “Dexter and Breaking Bad: The Post- Feminist (Anti)Hero,” which will be published in a collection called From Backlashes to New Frontiers: Visions of Postfeminist Masculinity in American Popular Culture. She recently finished an essay called “’Who’s Wearing the Pants in the Family?’: White Male Paranoia in Breaking Bad.” She presented a shorter version last April at the Popular Culture Convention, where her students often present as well.


Quotation Graphic“I am excited about the research and writing I do and I bring this into the classroom in ways that I hope inspire students to see themselves as part of an intellectual community.”


Sabbaticals are extremely important to faculty scholarship because longer projects require a lot of careful, sustained research. Most faculty members teach 12 or more credit hours per semester, when responsibility to their students is their foremost concern.

“Having a full semester sabbatical to research and write or present or paint or perform allows for a creative, productive, and energizing time for scholarship,” Boudreau said. It also helps professors connect with students in myriad ways.

“Students see us researching and writing, and faculty often bring this process into their classrooms to help guide students. McKendree faculty have distinguished themselves by completing books and essays during their sabbaticals, contributing to their fields of research and, I would argue, improving the reputation of McKendree University as a serious academic institution. I am grateful that the Board of Trustees recognizes scholarship as being important enough to grant sabbaticals.”


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