Grandy Award Recipients

Recipients of The McKendree Alumni Association W. Norman Grandy Faculty Award

The W. Norman Grandy faculty award has been given each year since 1981 by the McKendree Alumni Association and is named in honor of Dr. Grandy, who served McKendree from 1952 to 1968 as professor of philosophy and religion, dean of students, academic dean and interim president. His nearly two decades of dedicated service inspired the criteria upon which this award is based. Those criteria are a personal commitment to students, to the ideals promoted by McKendree and to participation in the community the college serves. The following Grandy recipients were chosen from recommendations by students, faculty and administration.

Year Recipient

1981 Paul S. Funkhouser, Ph.D.
1982 Philip W. Neale, Ph.D,
1983 Norman P. Madsen, Ph.D.
1984 Emerial L. Owen, Jr., Ph.D.
1985 Patrick A. Folk, Ph.D.
1986 David J. Ahola, Ph.D.
1987 Marcia S. Popp, Ed.D.
1988 Marilyn J. Huxford, Ph.D.
1989 Marcia S. Popp, Ed.D.
1990 Gabrielle Rowe, Ph.D.
1991 Fred W. Underwood, M.S.
1992 Charles L. Davis, Ph.D.
1993 Michelle Stacey-Doyle, Ph.D.
1994 Robert L. McChesney, Ed.D.
1995 Martha M. Eggers, M.Ed.
1996 Marilyn J. Huxford, Ph.D.
1997 Gretel Hickman, Ph.D.
1998 Ted Anderson, Ph.D.
1999 Tami Eggleston, Ph.D.
2000 Nancy Ypma, D. Mus.
2001 Nancy Beck Young, Ph.D.
2002 William Haskins, Ph.D.
2003 Jacqueline L. Simmons, Ph.D.
2004 Brenda Boudreau, Ph.D.
2005 Not Awarded
2006 Frank Spreng, Ph.D., J.D.
2007 K. Jean Kirts, Ph. D.

2008 Dawn M. Hankins, Ph. D.
2009 J. Alan Alewine, Ph.D.
2010 Neil Quisenberry, Ph.D.
2011 Peter Will, Ph.D.
2012 Tami Eggleston, Ph.D.
2013 Betsy Gordon, Ph.D.
2014 Jean Sampson, Ph.D.
2015 Ann Collins, Ph.D.
2016 John Watters, Ph.D.
2017 Shelly Lemons, Ph.D.
2018 Nichole DeWall, Ph.D.
2019 Guy Boysen, Ph.D.
2020 Jennifer Moder-Bell, Ph.D.
2021 Ann Collins, Ph.D.
2022 Jean Sampson, D.Mgt
2023 Sara Frank, Ph.D.