Class Changes / Cancellations

Cancellations due to faculty illness or inclement weather will be posted here. In the event of severe weather conditions that may make the Web site inaccessible, campus closing information will be sent to radio and television stations: KMOV-TV, KSDK-TV, KTVI-TV and KMOX-AM.

Cancellations:  Wednesday, August 27, 2014








 Rick Bonsall

BUS 380-01CA

 1:00-1:50  PAC 117 Check Blackboard/Meet in 1828 on Friday for lunch
 8-27-14  Rick Bonsall

MGT/MKT 340-01CA

 9:00-9:50  PAC 120 Check Blackboard
 8-27-14  J. Sampson

MGT 204-01CA

10:00-10:50  PAC 218 Check Email
 8-27-14  J. Sampson

MGT 204-04CA

 9:00-9:50  OLM 301 Check Email
 8-27-14  J. Sampson

MGT 314-01CA

 1:00-1:50  PAC 215

Check Email

 8-27-14  R. Bonsall 

MBA 652-01CA

 6:00-8:50  PAC 216

 Check Email

 8-28-14  J. Fark

PED 121-01CA

 8:00-8:50  FIT WEIGHT

 Written assignment from Aug 26 due Tues, Sept. 2









 8-29-14  K. Roberts

 ANT 149-01CA

 9:00-9:50  OLM 302


 8/29/14  K. Roberts

 ANT 149-02CA

 10:00-10:50  OLM 202











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