Student Doing Community Service Work with Children

Summer Opportunities

Most of our partner agencies continue to need volunteers for community service year round.  If you are interested in continuing service through the summer, please reach out to them by looking at our Service and Outreach page.  Feel free to also view the United Way page set up for McKendree University.

Not for Profit Internships

Many of the not-for-profit agencies that McKendree students volunteer with need additional help and frequently request interns.  If you are interested in completing an internship for academic credit, please contact Career Services at to schedule an appointment.  Sometimes CCS will have personal relationships with agencies and would be happy to share our knowledge regarding specific service oriented sites looking for help.  However, Career Services and your advisor will work with you to set up the internship.

If you are an agency requesting an intern, please fill out the intern request form through the Career Services Webpage.