Meet the Actives


Emily Thole

Position: President

Year: Senior

Major: Accounting and Management

Pledge Class: Spunky Sigmas - Spring 2012

Reason for Pledging:" I didn't know anyone on campus and wanted to put myself out there and make new friends."

Favorite thing about KET: "All of the people I have met through KET are my closest friends! I don't know where I would be today without these ladies!" 


Caitlin Schlueter

Position: Vice President of Membership

Year: Senior

Major: Marketing & Management

Pledge Class: Spunky Sigmas - Spring 2012

Other Activities: Marching Bearcat Drumline, Student Ambassadors, Residence Assistant, Emerging Leaders Member, and First Year Introduction Leader.

Reason for pledging: "I commuted my freshman year and was really looking for a way to get more involved and meet more people. I wanted to find something to belong to and I definitely did. It was the best decision I've made since being in college."

Favorite thing about KET: "I love how different we all are yet somehow when we're together it all just seems to fit. I also love that I can call these girls my "sisters" and actually mean it."


Geri Ellis 

Position: Director of Recruitment

Year: Junior

Major: Athletic Training

Pledge Class: Fall 2013 - Sassy Sigmas

Other Activities: Sports Information Department 

Reason for pledging: "I didn't know very many people on campus so I wanted to put myself out there and meet new people and make new friends. I also wanted to step out of my comfort zone and do something I wouldn't normally do."


Britani Beasley

Position: Vice President of Sisterhood and Service

Year: Senior

Major: Speech Communications - Public Relations 

Minor: Journalism and Marketing

Pledge Class: Smokin' Sigmas - Fall 2012

Other Activities: Campus Activities Board-Special Events Coordinator, Lyn Huxford Center for Community Service Scholar, New Student Orientation Mentor, First Year Introduction Leader, Intern at McKendree Universities Marketing and Communications Office.

Reason for pledging: "My reason for pledging was to know a new area of McKendree that I wasn't familiar with, and to make friends with a group of people that would be there for me through anything and everything."

Favorite thing about KET: "My favorite thing about KET is that we are real. We don't try to put on faces that make us seem perfect, we all have issues and aren't afraid to admit them. I also like that we are also very well rounded in our involvement on campus, we have many things that define us as individuals as well as a group."


Lynae Mathews

Position: Secretary

Year: Sophomore

Major: Elementary Education

Pledge Class: Fall 2013 - Sassy Sigmas

Other Activities: Golf

Reason for pledging: "I joined to meet new people and get more involved."


Maria Foehner

Position: Finance and Fundraising

Year: Junior

Major: Accounting

Pledge Class: Fall 2013 - Sassy Sigmas

Other Activities: Golf, Secretary of Phi Beta Lambda, Member of the Accounting Club, First Year Introduction Leader. 

Reason for pledging: "I joined Kappa Sigma Tau to become more involved at McKendree and to make long lasting friendships."


Elizabeth Lange

Position: Alumni Relations

Year: Sophomore


Pledge Class: Fall 2013 - Sassy Sigmas

Other Activities:

Reason for pledging: 


Alayna Gillespie

Year: Junior

Major: Sociology

Minor: Art

Pledge Class: Fall 2012

Other Activities: McCat and the Lyn Huxford Center for Community Service, Oxfam Change Leader 2013, New Student Orientation Leader, Advanced Leaders Program, Honors Program

Reason for pledging: "I decided to pledge KET because it looked like a lot of fun. The girls were welcoming during Greek Week and made me feel like a part of the group. I knew immediately that KET was the sorority for me."

Favorite thing about KET: "My favorite thing about KET is having a group of friends that I can always turn to whether I need to talk or just want someone to hang out with. We even go to Applebee's once a week just to catch up and relax. I love that we make time to build individual friendships in addition to the time spent building the organization."


Cassandra Merlock

Position: Inter-Greek Council Representative 

Year: Senior

Major: Elementary Education, Emphasis in English

Pledge Class: Fall 2013 - Sassy Sigmas

Other Activities: SIEA - Student Illinois Education Association 

Reason for pledging: "I joined Kappa Sigma Tau to become more involved at McKendree, to have fun, and to make lasting friendships."


Jennifer Melusky

Year: Senior

Major: Computational Science - Biology Track

Minor: Leadership

Pledge Class: Smiling Sigmas - Spring 2013

Other Activities: Alpha Phi Omega, Emerging Leaders, New Student Orientation Leader/UNI 101 Peer Mentor, Student Ambassadors, Association of Computing Machinery

Reason for Pledging: I pledged to find friendship within the chapter.

Favorite thing about KET: PEOPLE! I love people.


Allison Meyer

Year: Junior

Major: Business and Marketing

Pledge Class: Fall 2013 - Sassy Sigmas

Other Activities: Golf

Reason for pledging: "I wanted to do more service and have sisters."


Taylor Ellis

Year: Sophomore

Major: Pre-Physical Therapy 

Pledge Class: Fall 2013 - Sassy Sigmas

Other Activities: 

Reason for pledging: