2016 Student Homecoming Week Schedule

September 14-15, 2016

  •  Homecoming General Information Meetings at 12pm, 3:15pm, and 9pm in The Lair on Sept. 14
  •  Homecoming General Information Meetings at 4:00pm and 9:30pm in The Lair on Sept. 15
  •  One meeting should be attended by those who plan to participate in Homecoming Week Contests/Royalty.  Students with a general interest in Homecoming Week are also welcome to attend.

September 23, 2016

  •  Homecoming Royalty Court Nomination and Application Deadline
  •  All nominations for King, Queen, Prince, and Princess must be turned in by 5pm.

September 27

  •  Bearcat Awards Games Meeting at 3:30pm or 9:30pm in The Lair.
  •  Entries are due at this meeting.  A representative of your team should attend.  Entries accepted after this date can participate, but will not be eligible for prizes.

September 30 and October 2               

  •  Homecoming Court Interviews

October 2                            

  • (i) Homecoming Talent Show Auditions at 6pm (PAC 220)

October 8

  • *(+)(i)Chalk The Walk/Spirit Mural (Banner), Window Painting Begins - 12pm
  • *(i)Paint-U Dance Party (Tentative) - 8:30pm (Bookstore Parking Lot)

October 9                           

  • *(+)(i) Chalk The Walk/Spirit Mural, Window Painting all due by 6pm
  • *(+) Bearcat Games - Super Relay Races:  Events TBA at 6:30pm-? (Leemon Field)

October 10

  • (+)(i) Parade Entries are Due!
  • *(i) Sing for a Shirt/Trade-Up Day - 11am-1pm in the Quad
  • *(+)(i) Trivia Night (Tentative) - 8:30pm (Ames Dining Hall)

October 11

  • (+) Where's Bogey? - 3:30pm (Various Areas)
  • (+)(i)Scavenger Hunt - 8:30pm (Various Areas)

October 12

  • (+) (i) Homecoming Royalty Voting Starts - 12am (BlackBoard)
  • (+)(i) Chili Cookoff - 11am-2pm (Quad/Lair Area)

October 13

  • *(+) Where's Bogey? - 3:30pm (Various Areas)
  • (+)(i) McKendree's Got Talent Variety Show - In The Hett at 8:30pm

October 14 - Purple and White Day

  • *(+) Where's Bogey? - 3:30pm (Various Areas)
  • Homecoming Float Decorating Day
  • (i) Homecoming Royalty Voting Ends - 3pm (BlackBoard)

October 15

  • (+) (i) Homecoming Parade Line-Up - 10am (Alton Street)
  • (+) (i) Homecoming Parade  - 11am (See parade link for route)
  • Football Game - On Leemon Field at 1pm
    • Homecoming Court Coronation (during pre-game)
    • Bearcat Award Winners Announced


(i) Denotes campus-wide events. 

(+) Denotes events that are Bearcat Award Point events

*Some dates, events, locations and rules subject to change.

For more information, please go to:  www.mckendree.edu/studenthc