Common computer questions


Should I bring a Mac or a Windows computer?
McKendree supports Mac, Windows or Linux computers, but some majors prefer one over the other. Check with your advisor to see if there is a preference for you.


How should I get my computer ready for move-in?

A valid antivirus is the key. Many new computers come with a limited trial that expires 60 – 90 days after purchase of the computer. Make sure the subscription continues or remove the trial software and install any of the antivirus programs that we recommend, many free. You can find all the information on our website.

A free antivirus we commonly use is Microsoft Security Essentials. (Site best used in Internet Explorer)


Microsoft Office is also highly recommended. This will be used by your student to complete coursework.


Ethernet patch cord. 15 foot cables are available at the HelpDesk


A USB storage drive is handy for saving your work when working in the labs throughout campus. (All students will have access to folder which they can save files as well.)


While it’s not needed, it is nice to have a surge protector.


What support can students get for their personal computers from I.T.?

I.T. provides very comprehensive support for students that you don’t get at other schools. If the computer is running slow, have a possible virus infection or salvage files due to a crashed computer, we can help you out. For the few instances that we simply can’t assist due to constraints, we have a team of very competent student workers that are available to work on the computer on the side.


Are there deals that the University offers in terms of purchasing a computer?

Most of the major computer manufactures offer discounts to McKendree students. When ordering, make sure you mention you are attending McKendree!


Is software available for student purchase?

Yes, McKendree has worked out a partnership with ScholarBuys for Microsoft, Adobe and many other software companies and titles. More information can be found on the I.T. website.


Is there wireless?

Absolutely! McKendree has 100% of residential areas covered, 99% of the academic buildings covered and about 80% of the outdoor green spaces covered.

You can provide your own wireless network at McKendree West.


Are there labs and printing stations on campus if I don't bring a computer?

Yes. There are 9 computer labs on campus and almost every one of them has a printer that students can use, some of them even offer color and duplex printing.


Is there anything that I can do to secure my computer?

Theft is very low at McKendree, but when it does happen, it’s because of relaxed common sense; doors being left open or unlocked, no passwords to log into the computer or sharing of the password. Laptop or desktop locks can certainly be used, but not necessarily needed.


Can my I connect to McK’s network as a commuter student?

Students can access their files from anywhere in the world on any device, whether it’s a laptop, mobile phone or tablet.


What if my password is not working?

Easiest remedy is to contact the HelpDesk. There is also a web service students can use.