Account Management



New Students

 Authorized User Agreement

Start out by accepting the "AUA."  This will begin the account creation process.

 Change Network Password

The password must meet the minimum requirements. Check them out here.

Current Students & Employees

Unlock Your Account

For security purposes, only students can unlock their accounts.  Accounts will become locked after a number of incorrect attempts. You can unlock it here, or by calling the HelpDesk (6445)

Change Network Password

Make sure you change your password to something different than the default and that it meets the minimum requirements.  Check out the requirements here.

 Reset password

Forgot your password? It's cool, change it here.



After changing your network password, you will also need to change your password on all of your devices (phone, laptop, tablet, etc).  You will need to forget McKendree wireless networks, and then reconnect using your new password. 

If you have set up your McKendree email account on your devices, the login information must be changed.  You will need to go to the email account settings to delete the old password and replace it with the new password.